Wally Weatherholt /Alligator takes your hand and you go to jail


i cannot believe after the chalk incident ,when timothy osmar,  was sent to jail for 18 days  for writing on the sidewalk in pink chalk, which is illegal in orlando, unless  mayor  dyer tells you to chalk the sidewalks.wait, no it’s illegal even when he tells you to do this.tim  osmar sued and orlando lost.

they actually arrested wally weatherholt. the alligator took his left hand.they said they would investigate and after a month , they arrested him.he was released on 1000.00 bond but could face 60 days in jail and a fine of 500.00.the crazy things they do in florida.they have so much room in jail.maybe they do.many people like  hector rodriguez and jesse brandon davis were running around shooting people like donovan dirocco and  murdering jeremy and nicholas….

i’m sorry but wally weatherholt is not going to feed any other alligators. he has suffered and will always suffer and putting…

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say misty


they live in a world
where they throw live animals
to alligators

this place florida
so why not a little girl
they have no feelings

this destroys my heart
hoping she was dead before
poor haleigh cummings

everyone she knew
her tiny family
twenty nine arrested

father grandparents
babysitter and brothers
everyone’s parents

have to raise yourself
parents always on drugs
every waking second

steal to stay alive
or just for the fun of it
enjoy selling drugs

your babysitter
lost your dear child forever
so you marry her

a forgiving soul
for a psychopath father
or is she that good

misty croslin
teenage mafia princess
liar above liars


capo de tutti capi: misty

another grandson ,christopher whaley, murdered his grandmother

less than three months ago, on february 7th, jaspar aristotle smiddie , 19,stabbed his grandmother to death 93 times in lake wales gloria helfrich was 69 years old.

saturday christopher whaley ,23, stabbed his grandmother,barbara denmark, 69, to death 25 times in her bath.again in lake wales, florida.barbara who lived for her children and grandchildren said i love you , while her grandson was murdering her.this made him change his mind and not kill his aunt or the others in the home, he had planned to kill.instead he decided to call 911 and admit to murdering his grandmother. he said he can’t even remember what the argument was about.earlier wesh said he may have been upset because he didn’t want to leave his vacation in daytona?

both grandsons lived with their grandmothers , because no one else in the family would take them into their homes.sociopaths always enjoy repaying kindness with murder.is it a coincidence that they both lived in lake wales?  they both admitted to murder.smiddie called his father and whaley called 911 , on tape.they both stabbed their grandmothers.

the nerve of every station today to say crime has gone down, since last year.i could not imagine being here last year, if this is what crime going down looks like. people being shot at in cars in the daylight, being murdered every single day, a forcible rape every 1hour and 40 minutes, men killing wives, or fiances,so they don’t have to pay child support,women burying husbands in the herb garden, pedophiles,grandsons stabbing grandmothers,purse snatchings that end in draggings with cars ,3 in the last month,teens attempting to murder a foster parent, teens breaking into schools murdering pets, teens being murdered and their bodies set on fire,parents starving their children and one in a cage………………………….in orlando they said overall crime has decreased 4.6%. it’s at a 41 year low. i cannot believe this.i wouldn’t have wanted to be here then and i don’t now. is it because they aren’t arresting the people? is that why it’s so low?i did see one statistic that said justified murder was up. this was explained a few months ago as the stand your ground law allows more murders especially by  gangs killing other gang members and there is nothing police can do.they say it was self defense, then no one goes to jail.there are deaths that are said to be not criminal,like yesterday a man ‘s body was found floating in a lake.they don’t know if it was a crime. a few weeks ago, a body was found on the side of the street and they said it could be natural causes. also there was a man’s body found in the woods they said wasn’t foul play.

Daniel Porter arrested in Jerry Perdomo missing firefighter case

A few minutes ago, police arrested daniel porter at the home ,his father lives at, owned by the next door neighbor.Porter came out of the house in handcuffs.a reporter asked porter if he would like to say anything and porter said that he ” did not have time”.

Dive teams and dogs have been searching a pond,in the area.carpet from the home ,was taken for analysis.

which missing person will be on tv

how do they decide who to put on tv. there were rumors , a few years ago, that you had to be a missing ,young ,pretty ,white american ,blond .but, last night i heard a comedian say that the only missing people were that type. he said hollywood is to blame, because serial killers only kill pretty white women , on film.they cause sociopaths in real life to do the same thing. he said if you are ugly, they will not kidnap you.

i’m not sure he knows what he is talking about, but it makes you think and it seems like the cases that get to the news channels,all have rumors,of sex, drugs…..i have never not believed anything “you will not believe”. tell someone in your family to spread all kinds of rumors,in case you heaven forbid, go missing.that way many more people will be searching for you, because you will be on the news.

what i don’t understand is why there is no news about Gloria Helfrich’s murder. how does a grandson stab his grandmother 93 times and that’s the end.

Florida hotel tales: today Loisisnett Garcia Rengel is missing

Another orlando mother is missing today.there was breaking news now. they show her picture so fast, you can’t even see her name. she was walking her children to school.i barely saw her first name and it was gone. it looked like loisisnet .you would think they would show her picture again at  the end of the news.she just went missing today, but nothing.why isn’t there a channel 24/7 that helps find missing and murdered  people and children and without all the acting  and including everyone, not just one person 10 hours straight. …and without all the medical examiner mishegas over and over, asking the ME what happens to the person,every week, every month, every 3 years, and pretending you don’t know the answer you have been asking for years, and asking in front of the deceased parent or child,what purpose does that serve? when i think about all the people who went missing during the two weeks of christmas reruns on an unnamed news network,..if you go missing in december you have even more problems, than going missing, if that’s possible, because weeks are wasted searching for you.

apparently michelle parker’s ex is still running around, with his children and without a care in the world, even though he has been the number 1 and only suspect since november 27.

earlier at an extended stay hotel,  home suite homes, in  orlando, a guest , raymond price stabbed another guest, a woman and slashed her neck. he was searching for her boyfriend, but decided to stab her. it was drug related.

Florida casey anthony hotel tales

it seems as if  many local people have their own stories of casey anthony.this is one of those stories.

a friend said her uncle works at a dr’s office ,in the area and he was helping a patient ,with a leg problem.she and her husband went to jail, because her husband grew marijuana, at their home. she said this lady was in the same jail with casey anthony and casey sent her  30 letters. they all talked about casey using chloroform to kill caylee. the police read these letters and said there was nothing they could do. they couldn’t use these in court, because casey lies.

Florida hotel tales

you can watch the same channels , who brought us casey anthony news,throughout the country,in your  universal hotel room.this week , there were criminals, who were supposed to protect us. i tried to find both stories on google, to see if they were in jail now and found nothing about the firefighter who was in a car accident and decided to slam the victims head into the hood of his car.he had not been fired friday.

then , there was a policeman who beat an older man so badly, they show it over and over again every day. instead of finding out if they fired him and he is in jail ,i find an entire page of other beatings, in the last year.

i guarantee , if i went parachuting today, i would be arrested, because it is apparently illegal for women to go parachuting , in florida, on sunday.

Florida hotel tales of pizza criminals

we called the police after another guest found the criminal , brazenly throwing flyers under doors on the first floor ,feet away from the front desk.the guest said he thinks he saw the same guy , when he was on vacation here last year.three of us watched the tall thin guy dressed in all black , with his backpack full of flyers , slowly walk out the back door,like he didn’t have any fear or a care in the world. he knew we were watching : we were scared he might have a knife.he must be very good, to not have been caught , for a year, and loyal, and making a lot of money.

there was a flyer under the door and i wondered if the police could get fingerprints ,off the flyer, but there are a lot of more important crimes,  murders ,they must be busy  trying to solve.

tomorrow is national carrot cake day.  i’m starting early and tried giving the ducks carrot shavings..google must be wrong.they don’t like lettuce or carrots.they like only friday’s breadsticks.they weren’t very happy they had to swim halfway across the lake and walk up onto the bank for carrots.

ducks must be very smart , to recognize people. someone told

 me how, she lived on the intercoastal waterway and ducks flollowed her car into the garage, waiting to be fed and sometimes they would hear a knock at the door and no one was there , until you look down and see a duck or a turtle and sometimes crabs would run into the house , when they got home.