who’s for dinner

upside down fish
has lost his napkin again
we must call his waitress

she may be serving
him for dinner as opposed
to during dinner

i hope he didn’t
leave her a good tip, murder
is not good service

watch sunday football
only because this ocean football
not tv

with gentlemen
who stop playing when you walk by
rather than hit you

is that the reason
or do they like white bikinis
you make the call


scott peterson hanukkah dreidel song III


he needs a food processor
so he can make chopped liver
but what he does not know yet
he’s going up the river

oh anchor anchor anchor
i made it out of cement
and if you had not caught me
i’d be in mexico in a tent

larry should retire (king)
give nancy grace his show ( i didn’t mean it)
she has many more expressions
than his do you know know

oh anchor …

every person here knows
you can’t put perfume on a pig
and when you go out fishing
you get saltwater on your rig

oh anchor …

after the new maid left
the mops they multiplied
never use your own computer
when looking up the tide

oh anchor …

he loves to do the yoga
make toothpaste art you see
he will never see a penny
the court will so decree

oh anchor …