just another day in paradise haiku

“oh think twice, it’s just
another day of you and
me in paradise”

seven birds sitting
white feathers of pampas grass
how much can you weigh

five seven feet tall
but you only like this one
flying on and off

jacuzzi jets hum
delightful wind of fifteen
cooling blue ripples

hotel reflections
twenty stories high next door
hula of palm trees

you can see clearly
even though it’s far away
a mirror image

duck feather floats by
he went swimming without you
but he will be back

beauty school dropout
when frankie valli appears
frankie avalon

everyone frankie
and everyone else jimmy
award for music

jimmy’s entourage
they’re three sunbathing beauties
even in the clouds

tomorrow’s request
“can’t take my eyes off of you”
“my eyes adored you”


“horses must be deaf
because you see so few of
them at concerts”
Gracie Allen