seventeen, haiku tv, the funniest

“his christening
before they broke the champagne bottle
over his head”
Gracie’s Uncle Harvey

“i heard your mamma
rang a guy’s bells all the way
to heaven tonight”
Mike and Molly

“at your age
you shouldn’t look at furniture
unless it has a lid”
Frank Barone to Marie

“don’t use the woman
who’s sleeping with my girlfriend
to try to flip me”
The Good Wife

“really don’t like
how your wings poke me when we sleep
cause you’re an angel”
Big Bang Theory

“sixty percent
believe the noah’s ark story
is completely true”
Bill Maher /HBO

“stan’s cousin
the diabetic is visiting
from arizona”
Marie Barone

“the cow gives all the milk
but the bull gets the blue ribbon
a man’s world”
Gracie Allen


there are a few haikus in there somewhere george and gracie

inside his hotel room ,mobster kidnapped gracie,served tunaloaf ,then let her go. george to gracie “why would they kidnap harry von zell”?

“well i don’t know maybe

the hotel was pushing

tuna loaf today”.

Always funny backward
thoughts when everyone else
is going forward.

(antenna tv)
she comes on again at one
always count on lots of fun
when theres no myrtle beach sun
don’t worry this is almost done

her mind is made of pun
guaranteed it will you stun
enjoy with cinnamon bun
and sorrow, you will have none