mr. shirt inc. a haiku

in her blue wagon
she waves like a beauty queen
sideways, two years old

practice for peach bowl
waving to subjects from float
wave back side to side

boxer admires
pink azaleas and roses
cart interrupted

she found her G string
apparently buying new
when i was little

all i had to do
walking a few doors away
my father’s shirt store

mr. shirt outlet
little miss shirt buys a string
for her violin

rosin from Pecknel
and if you wanted new shoes
godmother’s shoe store

dancing school twelve years
Lake Forest Shopping Center
anything you want

ice cream or sandwich
and Little Pig’s Barbecue
Pasquele’s pizza

aunt ida sold clothes
miss australia would help you
truly won the crown

the only bad part
going to get cigarettes
for my godmother

i am probably
the only person who bought
cigarettes at eight

and did not smoke them
the man knew who they were for
still should not allow

of course my aunt died
the day before my wedding
cigarettes, cancer

a good day for smoke
blowing straight up to the sky
hamburgers , hot dogs


september wind breezes end haiku

beautiful seniors
in their bikinis they shine
enjoy september

oceanfront pizza
pie and surrounding beauty
Mr. Who singing

with Frank Sinatra
New York New York can can dance
“in the summer wind”

she’s sixty today
Greenville, S.C.
must lay the slice down

in order to clap
just as much for Greenville as
young woman’s birthday