gander gentle gander


catching in midair
solitary golf cart stops
middle of sidewalk

those ducks must know you
not that way with everyone
one of those is mean

talented ducklings
catching four bites in a row
so not an athlete

eight ducks,jumping dogs
bread falling right in their beaks
always miss fifth time

not their fault it’s mine
“give them what they want
and you’ll always have a crowd”

next couple enter
sitting on the bench to watch
bringing a haiku

they ask me
because they are so well trained
if i am here everyday

if i only
had bread everyday but i
only have chinese food

and a bread maker
in the box for two years now
do not tell keen ducks

( all you have to do
everyone will bring haiku
feeding friendly ducks )

( she came in slippers
saying oh well i’m here now
told her ducks don’t mind )