Zimmerman released 4/ 23

1:04 am wesh 2 is reporting zimmerman has been released. no other stations, so i guess they will be saying all day ,we exclusively reported this…..1: 08 am they aren’t reporting this breaking news anymore?1;46 am , local 6 ,zimmerman released, ( breaking ,at bottom of the screen) but he was released around midnight.they made a bigger deal this winter when one night the temperature went down to 45 degrees.they had the beep beep, beep, breaking news….there are no live reports. hln said they were going to be at  the jail ….i could not figure out what that meant , when they show reruns all week-end.maybe, we will be there and show the tape, to you monday or we will hope it happens monday. i long for the days when you could watch the runaway bride live at 4 am.i wasted my birthday worrying about that mishuginah.

watch all the different channels and see how they all say different things. one thing they all had in common was to all show the wrong pictures. why did they all show a very heavy  zimmerman for nearly 2 months ,and a 14 year old trevon, even after they had  a thinner zimmerman and an older trevon. in most cases it doesn’t matter , but it did in this case. the weight anyway.

the misreporting:over and over and over on cnn / hln the talking heads  yelled that george didn’t go in an ambulance , so that meant his head wasn’t bleeding… friday abc claimed exclusive rights to the picture of zimmerman’s bleeding head. hln said they were not going to show it because it was upsetting. i don’t think i believe nancy. i think they have told us what to believe for 2 months and they are going to keep it that way. there are a lot of people tired of watching the coverage every 10 minutes and already believe what reporters have told us and aren’t watching. this is a case for the court.you can’t make up what you want to be true. well you can but it isn’t right.maybe abc wouldn’t give cnn the picture , i don’t know, but i don’t believe nancy’s reason.cnn does everything  and anything for ratings.last week they had an hour about the news showing what people want to see, instead of what they need to see..

i have to put this in florida travel because trevon was visiting sanford.it’s dangerous to travel in florida.

Zimmerman and Trevon misreporting and not reporting

on march 21, i wrote about hearing on wftv someone had cleaned up the tapes to make clear what zimmerman said in the 911 call and he reported he used the word PUNKS.two weeks later hln is now saying this and reporting  he may have said punks.i never saw any other local channels trying to clean up the audio.do you know how many people were on  lets just  use hln screaming about zimmerman bing a racist, for hours a day. i wonder how many crimes have taken place because of this and will continue .i certainly have no idea what zimmerman said but i have seen the atlanta panthers propose a bounty to capture zimmerman and weeks and weeks of reverend sharpton and jackson screaming racist.i have seen people call these men racist.

jackson, from greenville ,s.c. is calling a letter ,at wftv, that describes zimmerman handing out flyers at an african american church about a white police officer’s son in sanford, 2 years ago, who beat a defenseless african american homeless man and calling for justice , because they didn’t charge the sociopath at the time, “propoganda trying to divide the community along racial lines”.excuse me for choking, but is that  not what sharpton and jackson are doing?

if the news  had reported everything when it happened , would people be running around with hammers beatling others, in the head, would spike lee have sent out the address he thought was zimmerman’s, would the 70 year old couple be driven from their home, getting death threats, would zimmerman’s father be getting death threats, would jackson or sharpton be screaming on tv all night?

in another late report: last wednesday afternoony, 9 days ago, i believe i saw a clear tape of the back of zimmerman’s head, on wesh news that showed a large red line. then at 4;30, they didn’t show this. neither did the other  local stations or cnn.hln had many people screaming there was nothing there.the next day no one showed this tape. many days later hln finally showed this tape and JVM said it might just be a bald spot.


Arrested today,Eric Tyrone Powell ,35

for attempted murder, in Ocala . friday, Powell was sitting on 

a 73 year old  woman’s steps, when she came home. and asked her for a glass of water .then he followed her inside and beat her.i hope she recovers soon.

WHY? he has been arrested  twice, but not for this. why now and why wasn’t he in prison for burglary. because we don’t have enough prisons?my first wish is for more prisons and my second wish is some way to keep people from becoming sociopaths.we can’t put all of the scott petersons on an island in the middle of the ocean, mainly because there aren’t any, and we need some sociopaths who are surgeons. it’s  4 am. maybe some day they will make child rearing classes mandatory in high schools and teach people how to take care of them and what happens when you hit them,etc.

i would like to send Powell to an island.again why? did his grandmother beat him,?does this timing have anything to do with no justice no peace?or is he just a sociopath?it kills me the way sociopaths find people who are kind , who they know want to help them and prey on that. how can you hurt someone who wants to help you.they understand empathy so well that they recognize it in others, but they don’t understand it, because they have none?it makes no sense.

when reverend Sharpton began chanting no justice no peace, he made it clear not to commit violence, but people are going to do what they want to do. they are like ronald cummings that way..this is the second case i’ve heard in the last few days, and if you blink it’s off the tv.

why i still watch hln , when there are 4 local channels 30 miles away,i have no idea at 6,7 and 8 i wonder why hln is still reporting things that are the opposite of local news reports.at 6 pm , vinnie was upset  the police did not take zimmerman’s clothes.last week , a woman who voted at the no confidence vote meeting , for sheriff said the police took his gun and clothes.she was upset , because she believed what was being reported and said you didn’t take … and they said of course we did…they weren’t supposed to talk about the case, but they told her that much,