i will never like another pancake haiku as long as i live


the next thing i knew
post liking pancake haiku
he asks for nude pic

should i have sent him
a pancake with no syrup
maybe he meant this

this place called twitter
who knows what will happen next
sent my niece haiku

king charles spaniel niece
Savannah from atlanta
she’s a southern belle

yell at criminals
avatar pyramid scheme
send them to prison

stock broker follows
for no apparent reason
from greenville s.c.

tell me what are odds
greenville and a stock broker
father volunteer

everyone waited
for the broker to go home
then called my father

asking him stock quotes
after father retired
volunteer broker

hello paine webber
every time he retired
went to the market

taking me at one
to hornblower and weeks
“horace hates errors”

written on my pen
should have sold it on ebay
learned who horace was

of course a haiku:

” let them hate me as
long as they fear restrained
mockery of horace”

85-8 BCE
john forestar