blue belly button


her pupik is blue
flashing from the sun up high
what is going on

blue matches the pool
she put her one leg in
then she took it right out

when she turns around
your eyes are not playing tricks
see blue eyes tattoo

above bikini
chaos in your mind and soul
not knowing the time

day began like this
not knowing if the time changed
try eleven keys

cannot open home
red fingers then housekeeping
then maintenance tries

an hour goes by
you have to be a wrestler
holding the storm door

no electricity
after the confusion
normally confused

then man with two dogs
“can i help you sweetie
i’ll put my dogs away”

you can help me by
bringing your two dogs
lower my blood pressure

seriously said
waiting for the smoke to clear
literal smoking

“i never knew what
time it was then i met you”
a week too early


ella fitzgerald

“i didn’t know what
time it was then i met you
grand to see your face”