from Iran to my aunt’s house


they left their money
everything they ever owned
south carolina

allowed to leave Iran
this was the only way
he was a doctor

beautiful couple
he died from a heart attack
didn’t understand

he wasn’t heavy
the doctor was very young
at my synagogue

many years later
she offered to drive me back
greenville to charleston

three hours each way
but first we went to her house
guess who’s house it was

it was my aunt’s house
she bought houses and fixed them
it was beautiful

when i was little
until the year before this
my father would laugh

you should be careful
how you look at anything
because it would break

having old white stove
probably like the waltons
the last century

i had no idea
we were going to my aunt’s home
moved to virginia

it wasn’t like
my aunt couldn’t afford new things
daddy would buy them

two of his sisters
he took care of everyone
they lost their husband’s

before i was born
both of her sons are doctors
stock my father bought

my second aunt
who doesn’t believe in progress
they’re set in their ways

one hundred eighty miles
inviting her to stay
she had to go home