Jerry Perdomo found 12 hours after Porter was arrested

Daniel Porter admits he killed Jerry Perdomo  police found evidence in the new carpet inside Porter’s father’s rental home.Perdomo was found by a search dog in the woods, by the home.Porter said he owed Jerry 3000.00 . he then murders Jerry, buys a 6000.00 car to go visit his mother and grandmother in Connecticut, because he doesn’t think he will be able to see them for a long time: he thinks he is going to jail.then,why didn’t he just give Perdomo the 3000.00 and Jerry would still be alive,Porter would still have 3000.00 and he wouldn’t go to prison for the next 25 years to life.

there may be more arrests.will it be Nowak or  even Tonya.Susan Constantine, body language expert, did not have good things to say about Tonya Perdomo’s press conference.

Daniel Porter arrested in Jerry Perdomo missing firefighter case

A few minutes ago, police arrested daniel porter at the home ,his father lives at, owned by the next door neighbor.Porter came out of the house in handcuffs.a reporter asked porter if he would like to say anything and porter said that he ” did not have time”.

Dive teams and dogs have been searching a pond,in the area.carpet from the home ,was taken for analysis.

Person of Interest in missing Jerry Perdomo case

I’m glad Headline News decided to start searching for Jerry Perdomo, no matter what their reason .it took only 12 it because of all the juicy  rumors, they start now,i don’t know.

sunday ,police named Daniel Porter, the person of interest. why did he tell the car dealer he had a family emergency in florida, (where Jerry lives), but police found him,in Connecticut, at his mother’s home?

Jerry Perdomo Search

Police have been searching, for two days for clues at the home , where Daniel Porter’s father lived, in Waldo County Maine.they have taken Jerry’s rental car, the car Porter and Nowak left behind and a car owned by Porter. it is not clear if this car is the one the couple just bought or Daniel’s father’s car.

Jerry’s family has been searching the woods near walmart in the snow.

Jerry Perdomo missing firefighter and former marine

Jerrry Perdomo , a former marine has suffered from PTSD.Jerry,  his wife and their baby moved to orlando in 2001.

One question answered is Porter and Nowak asked about leaving their car at a different walmart, not the one where Jerry’s car was found.however they ended up leaving their old car at the car dealer, where they bought their new car.Rod Pelkey, manager of the car dealership said Porter appeared “out of sorts”, and that his girlfriend , Nowak,was taking control of the situation. Nowak’s mother is trying to distance her daughter , she said Porter has no job, but bought a car and that Jerry is only Porter’s friend.

Jerry Perdomo still missing

This has taken a strange turn. this woman who says her name is Lisa claims Jerry has been coming to maine once a month for 10 months and visited her.she said he went to visit a friend, but can’t remember the name, and said i wish i could in a monotone voice. he was supposed to take her to dinner, but never returned feb 16th.she had two phones at her house,one was “shut off “an hour after he left and the other after two and a half hours. they are “still shut off”.

the couple police were searching for , say they were friends of perdomo . they apparently bought a new car , asked for directions to walmart , to leave their old car there and said they had an emergency in florida.Nowak is said to have a criminal history and she is angry about people leaving messages on her facebook page. if you are the missing man’s friend, you should be helping to find him, not complaining about facebook…

i don’t understand what these people are saying. did the phone company coincidentally shut off the phones, when Jerry went missing, because she didn’t pay the bill? and which walmart did Porter and Nowak ask directions for;the one  where Jerry’s car was found?

Jerry Perdomo 31,missing firefighter

Florida orange city firefighter is missing from Bangor  Maine. he went to visit a friend and never returned to florida. police found his abandoned car, at a walmart.Jerry Perdomo is 5’11’ , 200 pounds, black hair,  and has brown eyes.his wife reported him missing when he didn’t return to work. no one has seen him, in a week.this is the 3rd   walmart crime, this month, involving floridians, on tv news.

why are there so many crimes at walmart, when they have cameras day there will probably be cameras over the entire country .will that stop crime.instead of just fingerprints, maybe courts will be able to use cameras to see kidnappers take their prey into a house, a car, the woods…