Hotel Tales with sinkholes and other freak accidents?

sinkholes swallow morning,a woman went outside and came back inside, telling her husband there was a big hole in the yard.he said an animal probably made the hole, until he looked outside.even though it happened in central florida,it was on the national news.thursday ,one channel said there are now about 50 sinkholes, another said there are, they are showing a sinkhole,so large,15 dump trucks can fit inside…..yesterday, they showed a poor horse, who had been trapped inside another sinkhole, but his family googled how to get a horse out of a sinkhole, so he will be’s like the movie broken arrow.i don’t know what’s worse the fact that it happens so often there is a word for broken arrow or you can google how to get a horse out of a sinkhole because it must happen often.

remember , the boat races, when 3 people died in 2 days.a few weeks ago a boat just flew apart in the water for no reason and more people were badly hurt.

a plane crashed into the roof of publix and everyone survived, until the end of may, when the pilot died, kim presbrey, from multiple injuries and 3rd degree burns.publix just reopened  and that’s news ,on the news, but they didn’t even mention that the pilot,who was worried about the customers, in the shape he was in , had died.

tonight , they are saying there are some type of deadly ameobas in the water, in freshwater lakes and ponds that go through your nose into the brain, so you can’t  go swimming, or you shouldn’t according to health officials.they actually said use a nose plug , on the news.what? isn’t the amoeba , naegleria fowleri ,going to go into your mouth,if you do that? what mishegas will be next.

Sanford , 28 minutes to Orlando

In broad daylight on march 25, in sanford,two adult  african american teens, 18 and 19 are said to have  hammered in the head repeatedly and pulled a caucasian man , 50, from his car . they were witnessed by neighbors, who called 911 and the fingerprints  of Julius Bender and Yahaziel Israel were found in the car they abandoned shortly after this attempted murder.even though they were seen, they dragged the man into the woods and kept hitting him in the head with the hammer.this man is on life support  at ORMC , orlando regional medical center.

at 7;30 tonight, a small plane crashed into an orlando publix and caught on fire. the pilot and co pilot also are at ORMC. at least 3 others, thought to be shopping were sent to hospitals. although on their way home from work drs and nurses turned around and went back to the hospital, not knowing how many people are injured.