Disney and another orlando officer stealing

February 6th ,officer glorivette garcia was caught on video stealing two bottles of wine after 2 am, after she was told it was too late to buy alcohol.she was fired.

today we find out orlando deputy Kirk Smuwara was relieved of pay pending an investigation. he was also caught on tape, at the happiest place on earth disney,in the disney hollywood studio’s parking lot, breaking into a car and stealing  money from children.i doubt he knew this, but every channel thinks this clever to say. he took a purse,that contained the wallet of two children and 55.00.Smuwara,40, former marine admits to taking the purse.

sheriff Demings had received tips and ordered a surveilance investigation. he has no idea how many times Smuwara may have robbed others.this is a sad week for disney.they lost, vicki satterfield , who was said to be murdered by her husband, kevin. she worked at disney for 20 years.kevin was found , 2 miles from new orleans ,late last night, in a hotel. the police called him, on the phone and he came out of the room.channel 6 , during the 7 pm news tells us, his mother said he called and said he was in virginia. he first told her, he was going to boston, to kill cumberland farms executives.