feeding kisses


seven ducklings
underneath their mother
trying to keep warm

what it’s eighty six
are you quite certain
tells his friend she will pluck you

mom flaps her wings
like some kind of vampire duck
stand perfectly still

i back away
but ducklings keep following
running away from tram

a terror on wheels
i run from her too
crawling back under mother

except for seventh
searching for truffles in grass?
thinks he’s a piglet

crow just landed next
making me forget or bringing
bad luck to me

yes he brought bad luck
and i just found a large check
under the doormat

could buy two condos
living expenses six years
until cowboy hat

grabs a chair ten feet
to the right pulls out a smoke
wind is blowing right

thinking it’s alright
cannot quit coughing though
realize man on the left

then a giant bee
lands on the chair by my toes
two minutes later

tiny tweeting flies
three inches from my face
almost hit sunglasses