sharks steal no swimming sign haiku

sharks knock off at six
everyone’s in the ocean
lifeguards have gone home

you’ll happen upon
two guys from Dirty Dancing
doing the lift scene

and i wasn’t wrong
second attempt is the charm
held for one second

both weigh more than me
two grown men in their thirties
not being funny

it’s all about kites
black remarkably large bird

he’s flying the kite
picks up his three year old son
kite in his right hand

other on his son
then he sits in the ocean
still flying the kite

stands with no problem
how long have we been looking
the wrong direction

a royal blue kite north
resembling an octopus
makes s’s and u’s

very fun to watch
green jellyfish tiny boy
next to each other

a fifteen foot tail
flying high above the beach
S’s next to me

nine thirty so dark
tiny piece of sun so dark
fire in the sky

no it was the moon
hidden behind a white cloud
and rising higher

myrtle beach distance
fireworks fill the night sky
several miles away

each time you look south
u hear a loud whoosh behind
spin like a dreidel

they’re so close to you
you judged the smoke direction
correctly my friend

fireworks above
ten sparklers , five cheerleaders
little boy Rockettes


colorful kite choreography


celebrating times
come on roy g biv seven
kites flying above

tangled together
every color high and low
imitating birds

“shake it for the squirrels”
have to say what the devil
you stop for children

three feet on the side
when a squirrel is sleeping
you apply the brakes fast

apparent to all
receiving your license
Kmart blue light special

“they had splitters on
splitters on splitters
wonder they didn’t burn down”

“hey man do you need
any help it was my grandson
that injured him”

grandfather speaking
his haiku thoughts make me forget
thoughts from last night

he was reading news
reminding him of wife’s parents
their dumb splitters

i break for haiku
people always interrupt
thoughts of kite story


Bulldog’s Surf

Georgia bulldog
walking in surf just like me
longs to be close to you

parents teaching him
perpendicular bulldog
having fun blue sea

like he’s a child
showing him the most enjoyable
way to have fun

usually mother’s
and fathers hold their toddlers
like this in surf waves

drunken fisherman
only his neck above water
he is the bait

in my opinion
a fish will nibble him
before he catches one

why doesn’t he just
let the line out walk backwards
like normal people

time immemorial
cast far out waist deep
then back to knee or sand

parachute kite work
sliding yards across beach
really exercising

you have to be strong
it isn’t your father’s kite
some body builder

attorney wrapped in towel
discussing case with left
twizzlers in right

whenever he’s on phone
always chewing licorice
must be the law