comedians to fear ,after being on law and order haiku

afraid of Whoopi
after she leans in to Big
then she says “LAWYER”

with those big glasses
foster machete mother
run away screaming

there was chevy chase
playing part of mel gibson
“vino veritas”

don’t care what they say
they’ve been using real cases
sometimes three in one

of course they change crime
but even a third grader
can figure this out

casey anthony
melinda duckett, ray rice
anna nicole smith …

martin short scares me
smiling, choking through jail cell
robin williams too

susie will scare you
whether on larry david
or law and order


a few review haiku


vibrating tenor

Rescue Me mosh pit critic

chilling goose pimples.

( law and order svu’s detective rollins)

heschey horrowitz

“get you out of mishegas”

shot sister’s attempt.

thank-you for being a 5-7-5 heschy.this would be funny if you saw law and order or smash. law and order svu’s lab guy and rescue me star was on smash as a music critic or something like that , but don’t listen to me, because i don’t even know his name.

bob’s burgers : specals today VI

the barbara strei sandwhich Guilt free Trip burger (it’s fat free).
Rizzoli and 1000 Islesand dressing burger.

the barney and michelle”fife-pfeiffer” burger comes with piedpiper apple pie and smoky cheddar.

the tony soprano gee i’m hungry i just murdered someone Cereal killerburger.

for the kids: “mother goose” no fair Peeking duck burger.

Wonderwoman’s 6 million dollar burger served on wonder bread.

chase this barney rubble “yip rock heresy” jazzburger with a bloody mary on the rocks.

jim cramer’s Lightning ground Round booyahburger.

the epatha merkerson cap’n crunch burger, (because there isn’t a lt. burger and after 16 years she should be a captain).

valentine’s day burger:
hello Bob New Hart s of palm burger,served with new potatoes,instead of fries.

jeanne tripplehorn ,when you have 3 wives “big love” burger.