you can have anything that you desire

on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me :
baked eggplant parmesan, spaghetti and cornbrea ad dress ing, a rucksack, hugo boss pajamas and a marc chagall stained glass painting…

on the second day of christmas my true love gave to me:
too many gifts to remember , the most beautiful silver prototype heart broach in the world , and i gave him a yiddish dic tion ary…

on the third day of christmas my true love gave to me:
the fifth day at the beach of seven ty degrees, because he’s magic and this warm weather in december has never before been seen….

on the fourth day of hanukkah my true love gave to me:
a forty pound lunch , a parrot fish with blue lips,weedy sea dragons, royal blue fish with yellow fins, sharks who swim above our head with perfect teeth , pizza , a large piece of chocolate fudge guarded by fort knox and a three hundred dollar trip to the aquarium …

on the fifth day of christmas my true love gave to me:
the pearl from my mother’s ring that i lost , because he can find any thing

on the sixth day of christmas my true love said to me:
would you like me to put the kettle on
he gives me this gift eve ry day
herbal tea to hy drate me
that’s the best gift you see
cause toxic mold dehydrates me
then he carries the heavy chair, umbrella ,water and everything i need to the beach
because he’s the strongest man in the world

on the seventh day of christmas my true love gave to me:
aphrodite’s good luck ring
she threw from cypress sea
a ring just for me
traveling from a twenty year jour ney

thirteen vegetables
fourteen if you count the pumpkin pie
two gorgeous umbrellas
polo ralph lauren pajamas
and three hours at the grocery store
in a carib bean haze

spoonful of sugar
will help the marmite go down
most delightful way

keep the piano , lose the g string haiku


could you imagine
a world where country music
would not bother you

even the blue sea
palm trees swaying in the breeze
child’s laughter in pool

hot dogs getting tans
chatter from the tiki bar
lying in the sun

white poodle pooling
has he seen a pool before
dog is not impressed

how did she carry
a piano up the stairs
helicopter lands

“my love deep blue sea”
sounds sounding much better now
“you love to love her”

“will you ever win
she will promise you heaven
would you ever try”

mellow month of may
having never had one day
for rich or for poor

i just wrote mellow
and then she started singing
“i feel the earth move”

de de de de dah
a new bird morse code signal
haven’t translation


secret service ducks two & shark on thirteenth

coming down the hill
hungry ducks meet you half way
reaching salt water

a little patience
not a fan of silly one
firmly poking shin

yellow beak knocking
three times not on the ceiling
pointing stay no no

understanding words
certain this isn’t the first time
he has heard no

long blond hair cowgirl
her husband hello on by
ten minutes later

they have great tans
before catching up they ask
will you come and join us

in the shade
a man is playing his guitar
starting to hum a song

legs dangling over
inspiring table
where thoughts usually sit

from the thirteenth floor
they saw a hammerhead shark
arms can’t stretch that wide

enjoy seeing whale
lift it’s tail to say hello
not too much of him

pierre and his gang
they know how to close a door
shut and lock tightly

when a car backfires
they assume this a gun
shut, surround and protect


I’ll Meet You Halfway

“that’s better than no way
there must be someway
to get it together”

Partridge Family


love you brandy

five kites an airplane
as far as the eye can see
winds of eleven

” i don’t know the reason
i stay here all season”
without a tattoo

d j’s ginger ale
jimmy buffet colada
“toes are in the sand”

chef,please come tonight
having barbecued chicken

corn on the cob
baked beans cole slaw and biscuits
allergic to them all

except the beans
but there’s no such thing as beans
without pork in the south

need to rethink
running out of foods you can eat
in the universe

drunk on ginger ale
“getting drunk on an airplane
tell them kiss my _ _ _”

why can they say _ _ _
not guy with toes in the water
blank in the sand ?

“didn’t neil diamond
sing a song named brandy”
asking the wrong person

named my dog brandy
what a good dog he would be
wasn’t a sailor

that song makes a mist
cannot bear it here at sea
when you were little

“play that funky music
white boy play that funky music
til you die”


lizard loves elvis , i love yankees


they aren’t bashful
so adorable when they speak
pop and fresh dough squeeze

hiring a third guy
they’re driving from nine to nine
doesn’t stop to look

what are stop signs for
he doesn’t show up three times
the first week for work

seventy years old
has to drive for twelve hours
but she enjoys work

last week a rain storm
waited forty five minutes
then began swimming

appearing he’d wrecked
in the grass at pool entrance
next to my condo

quiet new jersey
mother of three yelled at him
to “wake the _ _ _ _ up”

“and take us home”
you can pull out in front of cars
but you cannot sleep

and the line was drawn
thought they would let him do
whatever he wanted

my lizard is back
came out to hear “all shook up”
so perfectly still

birds fly next to him
listening on top of rail
really loves elvis

ran up to see me
“let me be your teddy bear”
“and i love you so”

1 2 3 4 5
tiny birds landing seconds
uncle marvin gaye


just arrived paradise,almost left hard way


“i haven’t done
anything yet and it’s already
awesome” daddy

please do not reserve
south pool chairs with your towel
they will be removed

and then what happens
when you give towels back
you find who guilty are

how embarrassing
lady in powder room tells me
have a nice trip

where am i going
do i have too many bags
i’m already here

“you can either
sit here with us or wear this
and go in the water”

he’s sitting here with us
“nothing to eat today”
“three bowls cereal”

isn’t that something
apparently cereal
isn’t really food

black cowboy boots
blue swim trunks and blue t shirt
will have funny tan lines

had to run away
why do idiots think it’s
alright to smoke here

can’t they sit
in their stupid chair normal people
it doesn’t bother

if only looks could kill
like my chiropractor’s wife
she has the best

the third time
he ran over here he put it out
perfecting my look

straw or cigarette
a game i must play too often
not a fun game

masochist woman
tattoos everywhere bikini
does not cover

ringo’s sister
her hair was bright red last year
for some reason black now

idiot round four
this may be the last haiku
giving him the pool

perhaps choke to death
and my poem blew away when
i threw it and ran

tell’s me it’s alright
idiot facing ocean
and i behind him

what the heck way
do you think the wind is blowing
open your eyes man

you moved from two feet
on my left to two feet on my right
no difference

“it’s getting hot in here
so take off all your clothes”
don’t think that will help


colorful kite choreography


celebrating times
come on roy g biv seven
kites flying above

tangled together
every color high and low
imitating birds

“shake it for the squirrels”
have to say what the devil
you stop for children

three feet on the side
when a squirrel is sleeping
you apply the brakes fast

apparent to all
receiving your license
Kmart blue light special

“they had splitters on
splitters on splitters
wonder they didn’t burn down”

“hey man do you need
any help it was my grandson
that injured him”

grandfather speaking
his haiku thoughts make me forget
thoughts from last night

he was reading news
reminding him of wife’s parents
their dumb splitters

i break for haiku
people always interrupt
thoughts of kite story


silly summer sitters & a british ankle


synchronized flying
flapping formation follow
eight seagulls in line

their dance recital
as much fun to watch as perform
“they’ve got the beat”

two college girls
sitting behind me singing
a song they just made up

” do you want to paint
a seashell or paint a birdhouse
for five dollars”

“it doesn’t have to be
a seashell but we only
have each other”

i can’t believe
they made the song seventeen syllables
just for me

you can paint my toenails
because i woke up with
sciatica pain

from crossing my legs
i should not have done this
but me heel feels broken

they borrowed my pen
so i have to stop thinking
impossible task

“he’s a bad mamma jamma”
and he doesn’t even know
what this means


* this might be funny
when she comes back from sweden
inaugurate song

music soothes his soul


wrestler with tattoo
when he pulled stick from mouth
was so very happy

preparing to run
instead yellow lollipop
wasn’t cigarette

breath giving duck pond
finest wind you’ll ever meet
never lets you down

bobble head my friend
“hot stuff baby this evenin”
appearing all year

bird landed beside
he didn’t even frighten
they are true friends now

thrash flies away
lizard comes to show us dancing
floor show you can’t miss

ducks live
where tropical winds delight
every fiber of your being

who invented this
greatest architect on earth
between the towers

saltwater fish duck
when bread crumbs fly overhead
ducklings with mothers

tram drives by ducklings
“it’s a small world after all”
like you’re at disney

people think i’m here
for their entertainment
but there’s no cover charge

talk to you constantly
so you cannot write
make you forget haiku


shark sail sale


afraid of sharks
“another one bites the dust”
will not go in ocean

Crystal from jamaica
wanting to braid my hair
flew in with lizard

if you braid shark’s hair
he will never bite your hand
but he can’t pay cash

thirty m.p.h.
all the smokers have left
“everybody cut loose”

two men running dive
jumping into each other
one wears miner’s cap

they must think this fun
appears a little painful
replay many times

alcohol involved
everyday ordinary
you can make the call

turning up volume
people run away from wind
delightful cool breeze

“get in the house”
music telling the smokers
to go inside like me

cool but they’re singing
“hot stuff baby this evening”
” hot hot hot hot stuff”

someday i will ask
if they know what century
this is “kokomo”

we’ll “sail off to sea”
whenever music stops
“defying gravity”


what i learned ,in the last few days :

1a. my maternal grandfather was a major sephardic jewish family of the ottoman empire

1b. mr. mishuginah is still enjoying popping his bubble wrap, fifteen years later

2.i was thinking about my mother-in-law and found out she had died exactly 7 days earlier, at age 91. they said she would not live long because of muscular dystrophy & she outlived everyone.

3.i knew both of my grandfathers were named morris, but i didn’t know both of my grandmothers had the same birthday as one of their daughters.

4. i learned the census taker in 1930 was drunk, because he spelled everyone’s name wrong: my father, uncle , mother,aunts…i know they spelled last names however they felt like , when your grandparents came to this country, but this is their first name & thirty years later.