sung to I had a little dreydl


scott peterson hanukkah song:

in jail no lovely bodies
just the voices in your head
no strip clubs or hot toddies
and bay mosquitoes in your bed

oh scotty, scotty , scotty….

his uncle’s from alaska
he sees scott once a year
if it had been more often
he’d be crying in his beer

oh scotty, scotty, scotty…

the jury is so bored
yes they try to stay awake
it helps when every witness
says the wrong decision they did make

oh scotty, scotty, scotty…

mark is going to blow it
the jury is asleep
judge D said no more sympathy
but mark told you know who to weep

oh, scotty, scotty, scotty…

(first you have to have followed the trial, remembered for ten years & then you would have to know this song :

“i had a little dreydl
i made it out of clay
and when it’s dry & ready
then dreydyl i shall play”

& how many people could that be?

Band Camp wrote the oh scotty,scotty, scotty part & I cannot remember the words)


aqua aquarius

when the moon is in
another day at the beach
the seventh hour

sun glistening eyes
helicopter hovering
the twelfth hotel’s sky

in the distance
mr. mullet wonders why
you are getting smaller

walking backwards
only way to see dolphin
who catches any fish

bulldog understands
just like everyone here
pictures of the sunset

seagull swoops in front
giant black feather in sand
almost a peacock

uhnuh bird chirping
landing on swaying palm tree
on top of your head

this entire life
never knowing what makes this noise
sounds like uhnuh

Ottie sees bulldog
father falls on his bulldog
heated argument

he walked a long way
pictures of the sun setting
over the ocean

wife walks through silk creek
taking pictures of husband
on the other side

many people say
it’s alright you can go through
he is not aware

newlyweds kissing
colorfully matching white palms
dressed blue and white

no halloween warmth
the age of aquarius
seventy six high

“dawning of the age
then peace will guide the planets
love will steer the stars”

Age Of Aquarius

blue belly button


her pupik is blue
flashing from the sun up high
what is going on

blue matches the pool
she put her one leg in
then she took it right out

when she turns around
your eyes are not playing tricks
see blue eyes tattoo

above bikini
chaos in your mind and soul
not knowing the time

day began like this
not knowing if the time changed
try eleven keys

cannot open home
red fingers then housekeeping
then maintenance tries

an hour goes by
you have to be a wrestler
holding the storm door

no electricity
after the confusion
normally confused

then man with two dogs
“can i help you sweetie
i’ll put my dogs away”

you can help me by
bringing your two dogs
lower my blood pressure

seriously said
waiting for the smoke to clear
literal smoking

“i never knew what
time it was then i met you”
a week too early


ella fitzgerald

“i didn’t know what
time it was then i met you
grand to see your face”


young elvis hips can’t stop dancing


twirling around down
to ground, he’s a real dancer
or a dizzy fool

tries to get
three year old sister to do the moves
no dice she jumps in

“i got one less problem
without you” six year old boy
dancing up storm

whenever he gets hot
jumps in pool , comes out dancing
doing high kicks

while he’s still twirling
she does tae kwon do pose
“i got one less problem”

next song so slow
wraps his arms around his sister
slow dancing romance

“sunshine blue eyes”
never enjoyed country music song
more or at all

“this is how we roll”
slapping his foot as if
he is “cotton eyed joe ”

break dancing cement
not as easy as it looked
he tries the lounge chair

everyone else
hula hoop contest while he’s dancing
to “walk this way”

“shake it baby now
you know you twist so fine
you got me going now”

he’s a real baby
who is having the most fun
worn out just watching

“some day love will find
you broke those chains that bind you
one night will remind”


The Shag


swimming at three months
parents knowing mouth to mouth
think this a safe bet

six month old baby
his mother a lifeguard
and his father a nurse

so quiet
then everyone starts laughing at this
non musical pool

boy with an old soul
about eight starts singing
“we will we will rock you”

forty five minute pool
sixty minute man billy ward

myrtle beach music
where the shag became famous
dance of the forties

totally different meaning
on the other side of the pond
my friend

also a movie
bridget fonda phoebe cates
nine teen eighty nine


Sixty Minute Man

“there’ll be fifteen minutes
of teasing and fifteen
minutes of squeezing”