4/17 /12 Universal Orlando helicopters hovering

they are always flying outside, but since they were hovering,i thought they had found jennifer kessee or michelle parker.breaking news at 4 pm wesh ; they found “the bones of a man.” in the woods a few hours ago and they are saying “they do not suspect foul play”. excuse me , how do you not?…he was in the woods.

the 48 year old man who was shot in the chest,through his car windshield, on I 4  is samuel adams from Sanford.this poor man was going home after ” he had just visited his dying sister” at the hospital ,according to local 6.last night he was in critical condition, fox says he is still in critical condition. .the burning bodies have now been identified as  2 males. dozens of children stayed home from school today , because of a threat. last week, it seems about  350 stayed home from another school. 4/29/08  at deland middle school  a teen threatened a shooting spree, 10/08/09  another shooting threat and 11/23/11 in altamonte spring’s lake brantley high school,  also by one frightening walking talking, comfortable in a court chair- sociopath -emanuel costas….this is the time of year for these types of shootings 4/19: ruby ridge, waco, the columbine massacre…

i can hear nancy grace now: last night mallory mims. filled out a job application at a local bar , then sat down and had 3 tequilla shots. someone told the manager she had left her 5 year old alone in the car with the windows rolled up.she went behind the bar to get her keys back from the bartender.the police were then called.she denied the little boy was her son.her neighbors are , of course shocked.

kiwanis island park has now reopened, but be on the look out for mishuginah raccoons. the other day someone was bitten. then a little girl and her grandmother were attacked, and are now undergoing rabies treatment.. that’s when they decided to close and catch the  raccoons.