Marsharie found alive after two weeks

robert horner and his dog, arie ,and cat  found marsharie-lemons garrett, sitting with a sheet on her head after two weeks in the woods.she was found in malabar florida, wearing the same purple winnie the pooh pajamas, she had on the day she left her house.she survived eating berries and drinking creek water, but is dehydrated and police cannot believe she didn’t get ill from the water .she survived tropical storm debby and days when it seemed to rain for 24 hours , and  then was outside in 90+ degree heat for days and days . she was bitten by mosquitoes and thank goodness nothing else.

mr. horner called 911 after asking if he could help marsharie and deputy jim harrison found marsharie who had gone back into the woods of malabar…fox news said marsharie has been missing 20 days.

Search for missing Marsharie Lemons-Garrett

Saturday there will be a canvas search of the woods by turkey creek sanctuary,for  22 year old,marsharie lemons-garrett. they are asking for volunteers to help search.marsharie has been missing , for two weeks.

florida today and the orlando sentinel asked me to pay to read the story. i don’t think that is going to help find a missing person.don’t they make enough from advertising. it already takes five minutes for the page to come up  and then it’s covered by asking you to pay.

Missing 8 days Marsharie Lemons- Garrett

Marsharie is still missing,since before the tropical  storms of  debby. now the temperatures are back to 90+. her shoes were found next to the turkey creek sanctuary woods.they have been searching with ATV’s, helicopters, and dogs.

her minister , in st. petersberg  said that marsharie has a learning disablility, but she  speaks 4 languages and plays 9  musical instruments.

she likes to walk in the woods. there have been no sightings of marsharie in palm bay : 5′  8″ tall, 150 lbs., african american, 22,short braids,purple winnie the pooh pajamas.  please call  1 800 423 TIPS


Ashton Jojo 11

orange county: tonight ashton jojo was playing putt putt, at  the orange lake resort and witnesses believe she was electrocuted, when she tried to retrieve a ball from a small pond.this man tried to help her, when she screamed, but he was thought to be electrocuted.he is the only one, who lived.(he is  now identified by the orlando sentinel as christopher burges from alabama).

two fisherman,michael keeler and edward grismondi were lost in the woods of orange county near the little econ river today, after their tracks were washed away.we had 10 inches of rain since sunday.they were trapped with large alligators and horrible creatures worse than alligators. finally, helicopters found them with hundreds of mosquito bites, before it got dark. the trees are so thick,it is hard to see people, and possibly why they can’t find  marsharie lemons-garrett.sunday , it rained for 24 hours and every other day, it rains almost constantly.yesterday,it stopped for 15 minutes and then it started again for hours,then stops a few minutes…people comment.they can’t believe it stopped and smile.the news had 10 minutes of weather news before they even get to all the robberies and murders. a couple robbed 5 stores ,  4 in orange county and 1 in orlando, in an hour ,wednesday morning and they were caught and very rude to reporters.juliette santiago and abimelec ortiz rivera confessed after being caught. and they weren’t the only people robbing stores and restaurants today

Missing Marsharie Lemons- Garrett of Palm Bay

Marsharie Lemons- Garrett, 22 was last seen by her mother in their palm bay home early friday morning.she came home at noon , to find her daughter james richmond said the family has only been in the area about a month.marsharie’s socks and shoes were found by turkey creek woods.she is wearing purple winnie the pooh pajamas, is 5′ 8 ” tall, about 150 pounds , african american ,has short braided hair, no cell phone, no money or shoes.. a helicopter and traciking dog searched the woods, but lost her tracks.