4:40 I’ll paint you the sky

three quarters of moon
two horizontal slashes
one north and one south

everything is white
two large puffy clouds above
two birds travel south

plane underneath moon
one gray helicopter flies
opposite of plane

slashes disappear
before the 5:40 poem
erasing themselves

from every planes view
horizontal horizon
appears over sea

golf carts drive by fence
ringo’s dad then mr. lee
from the swimming pool


(this was going to
be the best haiku ever
written by my pen

all fives and sevens
traveling through oxygen
breezes in your mind

now four days later
too upset to remember
beautiful phrases)


8:40 haiku moon

blowing round and round
ceiling fans on every floor
lights shining outside

chasing purple light
some Kat shining a flashlight
every condo floor

and now a lantern
orange lighted flying high
appearing in sky

floating by all eyes
a little girl’s voice saying
hey there’s a lantern

thought an alien
or an alibaba drone
lesson of lantern

higher and higher
bird sanctuary breezes
destination waits

blast of fireworks
missiles try to catch lantern
aladdin escapes

ooh and ah, clapping
one after another pop
high tide on the beach

sky lantern rising
white cloud orbits around moon
above the ocean


aqua aquarius

when the moon is in
another day at the beach
the seventh hour

sun glistening eyes
helicopter hovering
the twelfth hotel’s sky

in the distance
mr. mullet wonders why
you are getting smaller

walking backwards
only way to see dolphin
who catches any fish

bulldog understands
just like everyone here
pictures of the sunset

seagull swoops in front
giant black feather in sand
almost a peacock

uhnuh bird chirping
landing on swaying palm tree
on top of your head

this entire life
never knowing what makes this noise
sounds like uhnuh

Ottie sees bulldog
father falls on his bulldog
heated argument

he walked a long way
pictures of the sun setting
over the ocean

wife walks through silk creek
taking pictures of husband
on the other side

many people say
it’s alright you can go through
he is not aware

newlyweds kissing
colorfully matching white palms
dressed blue and white

no halloween warmth
the age of aquarius
seventy six high

“dawning of the age
then peace will guide the planets
love will steer the stars”

Age Of Aquarius