say misty


they live in a world
where they throw live animals
to alligators

this place florida
so why not a little girl
they have no feelings

this destroys my heart
hoping she was dead before
poor haleigh cummings

everyone she knew
her tiny family
twenty nine arrested

father grandparents
babysitter and brothers
everyone’s parents

have to raise yourself
parents always on drugs
every waking second

steal to stay alive
or just for the fun of it
enjoy selling drugs

your babysitter
lost your dear child forever
so you marry her

a forgiving soul
for a psychopath father
or is she that good

misty croslin
teenage mafia princess
liar above liars


capo de tutti capi: misty

mirror mirror on the law


her love is
much too brutal for al-qaeda
so send him to ISIL

met him in prison
while visiting her realative

it’s a bad prison
badder than leroy brown
or so they have told us

become pastry chef
conjugal visits in cell
then you marry her

having my baby
what a wonderful way to say
you’re mishuggy

joran van der sloot
two time serial killer
threatened the warden

said he would kill him
for taking his cell phone
the one he shouldn’t have

warden says bye bye
now you will go to andes
twenty below nights

the “baddest” prison
no conjugating conjugal
can’t see your child

lucky little one
no good psychopath father
there should be a law

mother must be fruitier
than cocoa puffs
child doesn’t have a chance

prison break of twenty!
joran reaches andes
you say this is worse?