mirror mirror on the law


her love is
much too brutal for al-qaeda
so send him to ISIL

met him in prison
while visiting her realative

it’s a bad prison
badder than leroy brown
or so they have told us

become pastry chef
conjugal visits in cell
then you marry her

having my baby
what a wonderful way to say
you’re mishuggy

joran van der sloot
two time serial killer
threatened the warden

said he would kill him
for taking his cell phone
the one he shouldn’t have

warden says bye bye
now you will go to andes
twenty below nights

the “baddest” prison
no conjugating conjugal
can’t see your child

lucky little one
no good psychopath father
there should be a law

mother must be fruitier
than cocoa puffs
child doesn’t have a chance

prison break of twenty!
joran reaches andes
you say this is worse?


what hasn’t been said about ferguson


walk in the middle
to obey or not obey
peace justice for you


asking for license
poor soul does as requested
shoot as in cold blood

first, something is obviously wrong & has been wrong for many years & not just in ferguson. racism is alive and well & causes unbelievable problems.

however, this is about all people , no matter what their color.
michael brown’s friend, dorian johnson said they were walking in the middle of the road. he said officer wilson cursed at them & told them to get out of the road.
andy griffith never cursed at people .he treated everyone with respect. that’s the first reason every officer should have dash cams…officers would have to be nicer & you would see exactly how the criminal or person stopped who isn’t a law breaker acts.
i cannot believe in this day & time , every law enforcement officer is not required to have one.
there are officers who see horrible things every day & see people get away with them & end up treating everyone badly.

(then there are cops like drew peterson, who murdered 2 of his wives. he is a very bad charismatic sociopath & i am sure he behaved badly toward people he arrested & if anyone should have had a dash cam, he should have. i’m sure there are many innocent people , he hurt). if four of one hundred people are sociopaths.you need the dash cam to get rid of the bad cops. and they are everywhere.of the seven officers , i have met , in the last three years, all were either bad or dumb. the two worst officers are women.
when i was in orlando, every month , they arrested one bad cop, on average..

1. you cannot walk in the middle of the road.someone will get hurt. you could cause someone to slam on brakes, to save you & they get killed by the car behind them. or even worse, driver has to live in physical pain the rest of their life or loses an eye.
no one thinks. they only care about themself.

2. of course this isn’t a reason to be shot. today , it is apparently no big deal to steal cigars, but the tape, that dorian says yes that is michael, shows big man pushing the tiny owner & threatening…he could have had a heart attack & died. no one cares about that. michael brown didn’t.

then , shortly, michael brown is said to be now helpless with his hands up. it is also said that there are pictures of the officers face, where michael brown is said to have been violent toward an officer now also.

apparently, it wasn’t bad enough, the poor store owner was pushed, but it is totally unbelievable again to me, people would blame the store owner victim, by repeatedly robbing his store , destroying the place . he is someone’s father , you could have caused to have a heart attack & die, lose his business, terrorize him.

this is totally evil & wrong. you are saying it was right for michael to steal & you can too, & no one better stop you.this was not all done by outside agitators.

and then to go stop a highway , as a form of protest, so ambulances can’t get to the hospital,etc. is another narcissistic dumb idea.

we don’t have the facts, so no one can know what the truth is yet and no matter what the truth is everyone wants the officer arrested & maybe he should be, even if he is innocent, for the good of everyone, who knows.


too angry at the s.c. trooper who shot levar jones for a seat belt violation , and then yelled to put his hands behind his back,to say anything , except, because of the dashboard video , he was arrested & fired. but, this will not stop mr jones’s pain or his fear .and this could happen to anyone. i didn’t even know this was the law here & i would be DEAD , if i had had my seatbelt on , a week before hurricane hugo. i only lived because i was thrown into the drivers seat, a steel bmw.there were only a few inches left of the car seat,they said. one of they, my brother-in-law, a dr. at the hospital, left to go look at the car. he came back & said this & i was still taped to that hard board , waiting …
in my opinion, a stupid painful law, unless you’re an infant.
adults should have the right, to decide for themselves.