slow down let her catch you

they’re going places
black sabbath opening act
“hey slow down buddy

there’s a good looking
woman chasing you , she is
right behind you man”

“i’ll let her catch me”
happily contented man
yelling at joggers

he gives us haiku
while duck is looking at me
questioning manner

trying to follow
cocking his head to one side
duck day afternoon

folks walking around
giant martini glasses
the size of fish bowls

important notice
ideas for the board meeting
not surf board ideas

a cowboy post stands
practice shooting cans off of
crane likes to sit here

watching tiny crabs
september butterfly flies
rebuild crab city


the fish have shadows ,ducks have kung foo

bird sanctuary
butterflies and crabs run free
three crabs are swimming

thousands on the land
still running away from friends
four fish float downstream

racing fish by land
i think they’re going to win
first to the ocean

band practice cancelled
only five to six fishes
in three different groups

fish so very clear
easier seeing shadows
seagull siesta

one hour by sea
know you will not have to move
the fish still coming

middle of the stream
she rubs sunscreen on his back
before their long walk

declare and decree
couples walking everywhere
paired at two o clock

people sitting high
on the room in the middle
of two large hotels

ten thousand a night
september sand dollar lies
somewhere on the beach

quacking and kung foo
everybody was kung foo
and a big raccoon

man on the boardwalk
speaking of this to his wife
bird knows where to stand

i guarantee you
the seagull will catch a fish
before the man does

not even an inch
tadpoles zigzagging away
no destination

follow you upstream
seagull must have caught a fish
she has disappeared

bird in indoor pool
contemplating three feet deep
no life preserver


butterflies and dragonflies haiku

see you everywhere
butterflies and dragonflies
the dance of ballet

twenty to fifty
dragonflies fly at one time
on the same level

queen victoria
breezing around each other
mating waltz of love

should be holding sleeping masks
and the eyes have it

you all look alike
do you have the same feelings
marry brother’s wife

minuet minute
the manhattan of beaches
among the sea oats

“i bet if you give
that shark a big hug and kiss
it will stop Caleb”

“let’s go to the beach”
if you are not at the beach
why is there a shark

“cigars cigarettes”
most likely to not succeed
as a cigar girl

they would fire you
after first nanosecond
and who could blame them

two planes are flying
advertising the same time
one plane flies higher

the noisiest plane
selling geico and lobsters
neither one kosher

low flying seagulls
would you like to carry signs
it pays handsomely


just another day in paradise haiku

“oh think twice, it’s just
another day of you and
me in paradise”

seven birds sitting
white feathers of pampas grass
how much can you weigh

five seven feet tall
but you only like this one
flying on and off

jacuzzi jets hum
delightful wind of fifteen
cooling blue ripples

hotel reflections
twenty stories high next door
hula of palm trees

you can see clearly
even though it’s far away
a mirror image

duck feather floats by
he went swimming without you
but he will be back

beauty school dropout
when frankie valli appears
frankie avalon

everyone frankie
and everyone else jimmy
award for music

jimmy’s entourage
they’re three sunbathing beauties
even in the clouds

tomorrow’s request
“can’t take my eyes off of you”
“my eyes adored you”


“horses must be deaf
because you see so few of
them at concerts”
Gracie Allen

men who stare at lightning & ducks who stare down at you

a really big deal
when men say there is lightning
get out of the pool

where are they to say
pointing to the sky of light
suddenly mission

adults with babies
you should get out of the pool
choose not full mission

stay away from glass
even i stand by the glass
air trumps lightning

after storm ceases
left to your own devices
back into the pool

just look to the right
one beak looking down at you
two mrs. mallards

thinking of swimming
very slow thought processes
are we related

one jumps tally ho
and then the second follows
just the three of us

there is no splashing
highly recommend duck mates
eye level photo

camera duck wishes
crab crawling on the bottom
wednesday now sunday