parting of waves haiku

covers her tummy
her red hair covers her face
phone is underneath

how not to get burned
maybe you should try the shade
louey whiter than

floats and umbrellas
no more swimming for duckies
people overtake

“way up to the sky”
chatty seagulls flying high
flight conversations

echoes far away
wind blowing surf arriving
quiet silence breathes

and we’re walking fast
exercising in the pool
stops to talk with her

either side of rope
how many conversations
the rope keeps silent

why are we freezing
weatherman can’t get it right
no it’s not eighty

seven m p h
my dear great aunt bertha no
more like twenty five

heck of a difference
hell of a day inside sir
go down to the sea

egyptian moses
you want me to do what sir
the parting of waves


blue pupik (belly button) II


dress following
into the ocean so cannot
have peace and quiet

forget you were wearing
one hundred forty five
sandals on your toes

they took the twenty
before the lifeguard said to
leave them at his stand

no life guards in fall
leaving behind john’s chair
seeing him move two times

almost at the water
a man with new york accent
florescent trunks

“would you like tickets
for dinner and restaurants
tell me when you check out”

i am so confused
never seeing anyone
do this here before

telling him “FIFTY
YEARS if i live that long
i’m NEVER checking out”

then asking if i
would like to have one hundred
go hear vacation

i said i don’t drive
this is what he understand
not that i live here

blue pupik high tide
next to me she turns her back
eyes staring at me

before having time
to figure out if that’s her
the eyes tell you so


cascading crabs

underneath bubbles
adorable tiny threes
black speckle middle

hundreds swim along
floating one inch mother crab
babies sparkle back

in a cloud of salt
mothers are less than one inch
millions arc starfish

point in blue waters
polite teeny tiny crabs
one eighth of an inch

eensy bit deeper
paramecium appear
linking friendly arms

holding each other
fateful challenges of sea
over red rover

facing north look right
long symmetrical bodies
bonding forever

a bubble pops
fusing together as twins
every shape in the world

then you will realize
not only at this point
but every place you step

billions and billions
every spot along shore line
not one tickles you

they are too tiny
too large for words but
too tiny to tickle toes

almost translucent
have to know what you’re looking for


fun In al fresco shower


while christians on mount sinjar
have nothing to drink
no drops of water

gallons were wasted
flowing from pier to cactus
don’t need hydration

seven outdoor pools
an ocean in front of you
child plays in shower

toddler turns nozzle
mother and father watching
flows twenty minutes

we left two thousand
someone else says five thousand
one is too many

probably weakest
those who need the most help
and who will help them now


fruit of the vine color test line

pineapple palm tree
you are sculpted perfectly
juicy pineapple

lasso strength hanging
bananas, yellow apples
from your green lulav

already fashioned
needing only fruit and wine
drunken underneath

always a drum beating
expecting betty white
in the proposal

obliging blackbird
shooed away by man in blue
boomerangs again

mr. mullet
“is not holding his mouth right”
not catching any fish

saying it’s too hot
blaming me for the rough waves
using green test line

younger friend has red
should be the law so you don’t
end up like marie

the only thing
mr. mullet caught the first day
was sun poisoning

interrupting chirping
adorable many
five mini three feet


secret service ducks

secret service ducks
surrounding me on all sides
laughing yet afraid

would like soft sunbeam
southern ducks call this white bread
couldn’t be closer

mallard tickles your ankles
please throw us the dough

half a loaf of bread
my twenty secret service
still following me

beginning in pond
underhanded pitching fowl
not good at baseball

realize and surround
when everything is gone
they will not leave my sides

a circle of trust
like the fockers but literal
obama men

you guys take your job
so seriously you should
work for president

palms show ducks no more
they will not leave my back
following two inches

fly back in the pond
follow me single file
from top of the water

perhaps a cooter
they think a lone turtle
or his gang stage hold up

come to think by sea
promised an answer sunday
buy tennis villa

“where will i go
what will become of me”
need scarlett o’hara

having entire
pool and large ocean to myself
so i shall think