July 4th orlando hotel tales

you don’t have to get stuck in traffic:you can see fireworks from your universal hotel room in 3 directions.from 9 pm until… universal has their regular 9;32 – 9:48 pm show and to the left of the doubletree you can see more fireworks.then across the highway, at what looks like the outlets, more foreworks and 50 yards away next to the lake there is another machine shooting all kinds of sparkly things.they didn’t go very high in the air, some only went a few inches or 2 feet high.

then, you can watch the news and understand what is wrong,with the world, not just orlando, by two seperate incidents.one , thomas lopez,the lifeguard, was fired for saving a man’s life,because jeff ellis & associates is afraid of being sued . the name of the nurse is not known ,who was there and helped .there not only  is no reward for being a good person , but bad things happen, when you do the right thing.

two, matthew chillcott , who was arrested for being a pedophile in operation cyber child , who spoke to, what he thought was  a child , but really an undercover officer,for 6 months and then went to the  house for sex and was arrested  is demanding his job back now as an elementary school teacher. he is   demanding   …. of course he thinks he should teach children. unbelieveable.tomorrow  we will probably see a lawyer take his case.

Orlando SVU

Law and Order could have the first season, just from the last  week of news .there was the poor naked man, found floating in the ocean, who had been shot in the head and apparently thrown overboard.then there was “operation cyber child” where 38 pedophiles were caught,10 from orlando and one visiting  orlando, along with his wife and children .

sunday, michael anselmo 64 ,tried to stab his longtime housekeeper and cook deidra nightingale to death, when she fought his romantic advances. she ran outside , onto the golf course, where it took 4 men who threatened him with golf clubs, to let go of the knife.

monday, john oldham, the 68 year old flasher at a disney hotel pool,animal kingdom lodge was flashing little girls.he targeted little girls with goggles.in all seriousness, this was really reported and only a line for Munch: a nine or ten year old girl said she thought it was a dog’s chew toy, until she realized what it was…

today, a teacher, irene kahn was shown being arrested . she had a 2 month affair with a 14 year old boy. one day he wrote his phone number on the board for an age appropriate girl, but the teacher decided to call instead and ask him to “hang out”. she smiles a lot for someone in that kind of trouble.there is a lot of evidence against her and an 80,000 bond.

curtis jiles , a teachers aide was arrested for two seperate counts of sex acts with boys.then j. mueller was arrested  for lewd and lascivious behavior.

this is another bad week for disney between  the flasher at the pool and the  disney security guard caught in “operation cyber child” ….

“operation cyber child”

of the 38 people caught in the central florida  sex sting operation by 14 law enforcement agencies and polk county, many were from orlando.the sting  named operation cyber child resembled dateline’s to catch a predator.from orlando  are:steven allen, casimiro carino,matthew chillcott, jason crain,rueben jaime,jean marc luxcien,michael maskalenko,mark noethen,collin rosser, and shaun unerti.

also  john bandel of illinois was vacationing with his wife and children here in orlando and decided to go out and get caught when they went to sleep.

matthew chillcott , an orlando elementary school teacher and soccer coach had been online talking with a detective who he thought was a 14 year old girl, since january ,you have 48 hours to report to an orange county school that you have been arrested and chillcott has not done this. also if you abandon your job, after 5 days your name is given to the board for termination.i don’t really think either side has a question about what will happen.

craigslist was used in some of these stings.cnn has done story after story for the last 3 years about craigslist and they are still aiding criminal behavior.there was the craigslist killer, cases of underage girl prostitutes and now pedophiles, to name a few.

according to tampa bay online another monster, who is also from orlando, mark noethen, a disney security guard   ,wanted to meet 11 and 14 year old sisters and see which he liked better.he came with a gun .