universal orlando hotel tales

there were many weekend shootings,in orange county: too many to count.one channel talked about  five and another was talking about a different one, where a man was shot in the face at an atm. he was expected to live. what a horrible life , he has left,to live.and today i learned ,from the restaurant next door,there was a stabbing of a man  , on friday , who went inside the universal walgreens to get help.it isn’t even being reported, as far as i can tell.

yesterday, in the lake behind the doubletree hilton, a fisherman , who just had dental surgery, accidentally caught the  alligator.i’m not sure who let the other go, or who was more suprised. today, his friend caught 5 small bass and threw them back. that is the first time,i have heard that anyone caught anything .

we have a cute little dog, indiana jones, at the hotel, who would like some help from the star of dogs in the city, to help him learn , not to bark at babies and big dogs.

orange lake resort has closed the area where ashton jojo died, until further notice.the orlando sentinel said the medical examiner ruled her death an accidental electrocution.

Slashing purses at Mall of Millenia

today , they are at it again, on the local news . i don’t understand why the reporters are asking questions,like it didn’t happen before. it happened in december and they were the same people who told us. i wrote about this , february 15th, why, because i also,had forgotten it had happened in december. if you google :slashing purses mall, what comes up is orlando’s mall of millenia.is this some kind of  talent only reserved for orlando? shoppers are afraid that someone has a knife that close to their body.it’s the same MO.around december 5th,two people reported this. again, today,two people had purses slashed and no one noticed, at the time , when items were stolen.

i was shocked that the anchor forgot this happened 6 months ago , but even more shocked to hear someone dressed as a security guard , who may really be a security guard at another company burglarized units in 55 west, a high rise,  with 24/7 security. he may have also done this before… they are still investigating and there are conflicting reports on different channels, but nelson simmons 32 was caught ,wearing the secureamerica shirt, with a weapon and stolen goods and confessed..

an officer said a lesson was people should get to know security in their building, but i don’t understand, because there are a lot of different people who substitute and people who leave if one night ,you see a new person that doesn’t mean he is a thief.if you aren’t safe in a high rise downtown, then i just give up.

The Universal Orlando’s Illegal ,Criminal Pizza Flyer Mafia

i’m going to keep writing about this, to warn people, who come to hotels.it isn’t just in orlando.disney warned people not to order , but only because they steal your credit card and charge 100’s or 1000’s of dollars and ruin your vacation.you know what else ruins your vacation: salmonella if they actually send a pizza made by tony soprano in his basement,or big louie breaking into your car or room,or fatz attacking your wife,or the horrible sound of the flyers shoved under your door almost every day for 7 months…..this is new: wednesday and thursday, they started coming later at night, after 11:00 pm.yesterday, at 2 pm ,i noticed a police car outside the room until 11;30 last night. i was hoping there was a pizza flyer mafia sting.this problem was of “epidemic proportions” a year and a half ago, in  usa today and orlando sentinel articles and one representative tried to say it’s part of organized crime.so,the florida mafia is into pizza, car wrecks and pain clinics…

one guy almost ran into me and he was so sweet,i knew something was wrong,so i walked past the room, just like they had shown on the news the day before, when a man was hit in the head at 2 pm in his own driveway and carjacked. they said if something is fishy drive past your house. then i saw him throw flyers down the hall. then , later,i was by the door, when whoosh, so i threw the door open and a young blond and a guy in his fifties were bending over sliding flyers under a door, ( i guess they were new) and he goes “hey how you doin”.

there are websites with the flyer FAKE names, where people complain.everything there is a complaint. they use fake names and fake addresses and recycle the names. they must change phone numbers every few days and they must steal a lot of money.every complaint says the pizza is horrible , disgusting….one man wrote his wife ordered manicotti  and there was crabmeat on top. a lot of people write they call and complain about the taste of the 30.00 pizza and that is the least of their troubles, but  the person who answers always yells at them and never offers to give the money back.imagine that. these are illegal flyers from the past 2 days :Genova pizza, Romanos pizza and Joe’s pizza. domino’s and pizza hut are always okay to order and if a company is legitimate, his flyers will be at the front desk.

no one warns most guests about the dangers.they have signs about car thieves, but don’t say these people are in your halls every night delivering flyers.the universal hilton doubletree has a tv screen that says not to order, because they are not made in the building.big deal , that just sounds like you want people only to order your pizza,which by the way is not very good .

Ashton Jojo 11

orange county: tonight ashton jojo was playing putt putt, at  the orange lake resort and witnesses believe she was electrocuted, when she tried to retrieve a ball from a small pond.this man tried to help her, when she screamed, but he was thought to be electrocuted.he is the only one, who lived.(he is  now identified by the orlando sentinel as christopher burges from alabama).

two fisherman,michael keeler and edward grismondi were lost in the woods of orange county near the little econ river today, after their tracks were washed away.we had 10 inches of rain since sunday.they were trapped with large alligators and horrible creatures worse than alligators. finally, helicopters found them with hundreds of mosquito bites, before it got dark. the trees are so thick,it is hard to see people, and possibly why they can’t find  marsharie lemons-garrett.sunday , it rained for 24 hours and every other day, it rains almost constantly.yesterday,it stopped for 15 minutes and then it started again for hours,then stops a few minutes…people comment.they can’t believe it stopped and smile.the news had 10 minutes of weather news before they even get to all the robberies and murders. a couple robbed 5 stores ,  4 in orange county and 1 in orlando, in an hour ,wednesday morning and they were caught and very rude to reporters.juliette santiago and abimelec ortiz rivera confessed after being caught. and they weren’t the only people robbing stores and restaurants today

Dino Cannon murdered at club limelite

Dino Cannon and his family were in orlando celebrating his high school graduation and now he is dead.they have been begging for someone to say what happened. someone did , because police have been looking for Durick Ingraham, 24. last night durick turned himself in to authorities.they believe he waited in the parking lot and shot Dino , as he walked outside.

there are a lot of violent crimes at orlando clubs, a lot of fights.at least  three recently.march 4th, Terry Guerrier was murdered in his BMW after leaving  club LAX, where there was an altercation with another production company.i was in the hospital at 2;30 AM, when people dropped his body off , outside my room, near the door and people were screaming and there was an announcement to lock down the hospital: no one in or out. i didn’t know what happened until 5 am . you can’t believe what you hear on the news, even when you watch 5 networks , unless you are there and then you still might not really know.

 around june 5 , emily cox and two women were arguing  at orlando’s nightclub Roxy and were thrown out… emily, then tried to kill a policeman by running over officer Ramos, with her car.luckily he is still alive. she did run over him and   he also shot her.she was expected to live.

there appears to be absolutely no concern or care about human life.i don’t even know if it has anything to do with drinking, but it looks like whoever is thrown out for fighting is probably going to kill someone.however in the terry guerrier case, some of his associates were murdered christmas. dpes this have anything to do with the same people arguing with him, at the club, the police will figure out and probably have…when they arrest you, i will be happy..

The Orlando Peeping Burglar , june 15 – 23

on june fifteenth,, last week they had the peeper and let him go. i wrote, i couldn’t believe this and of course he would keep doing this, but i had no idea, he would try again , so soon. he hasn’t taken a break. on, wftv tonight, they are showing his sketch artist drawing…when people catch him, trying to break in, he is so bold, he stops and has conversations , with his victims.the first woman, who saw him looking into her bedroom identified the sketch as him.i’m guessing the police told the sketch artist, what this guy looked like.he has broken  into several homes.that’s the term channel 6 used, but they rattled off a list of communities he attacked.he strikes between 4 ;00 am and 5:00 am.

speaking of attacked: bears are still roaming the streets. yesterday, two black bears were caught ,on camera fighting in someone’s yard.people were making up their own stories again, about fighting over women and things like this… they are being taken off the endangered list. i lost track of how many bears have been seen in orlando, in the last few months.is it safe to walk outside safe from bears?i know it isn’t safe from crime.

florida chiropractors arrested in 2012

a few weeks ago, may 2012, joseph wagner was arrested for writing prescriptions. chiropractors cannot write prescriptions in florida. that isn’t all he has done. they said he had a diamond ring in his suitcase and had a one way ticket to mexico.he had 86,000 in a mexican bank and was going to marry his girlfriend, but he had a wife here ,who was divorcing him. in 2005, joseph was arrested for grabbing carolina by the neck, pushed her down and broke her thumb. she had 3 charges of domestic violence against her, also.in his picture, he sticks his chin up in the air, like ronald cummings.also there were charges of selling drugs to an undercover, insurance fraud, and charging for services not performed. i don’t believe i have ever heard of a chiropractor being arrested before this.

a respected orlando chiropractor, dr. kevin wynne, was arrested for a hit and run, in which a motorcyclist was killed in february.

in cape coral, in march, dr . stephen lovell’s office was raided and padlocked. major PIP fraud , insurance scams, staging wrecks and filing insurance bills  are some of the charges.because florida is the top state for insurance scams, organized crime has become involved.

in may, a fort lauderdale retired , 40 year old chiropractor ,jonathan lee davis,decided to take over 80 pictures  of himself with young girls, in a department store.this isn’t the first time he has done this. he was caught on store video , also.he is accused of saying pssst come here to girls and then i can’t repeat what happens after this.

these are all very serious charges.the hit and run dr. faces up to 60 years in prison.

Orlando SVU

Law and Order could have the first season, just from the last  week of news .there was the poor naked man, found floating in the ocean, who had been shot in the head and apparently thrown overboard.then there was “operation cyber child” where 38 pedophiles were caught,10 from orlando and one visiting  orlando, along with his wife and children .

sunday, michael anselmo 64 ,tried to stab his longtime housekeeper and cook deidra nightingale to death, when she fought his romantic advances. she ran outside , onto the golf course, where it took 4 men who threatened him with golf clubs, to let go of the knife.

monday, john oldham, the 68 year old flasher at a disney hotel pool,animal kingdom lodge was flashing little girls.he targeted little girls with goggles.in all seriousness, this was really reported and only a line for Munch: a nine or ten year old girl said she thought it was a dog’s chew toy, until she realized what it was…

today, a teacher, irene kahn was shown being arrested . she had a 2 month affair with a 14 year old boy. one day he wrote his phone number on the board for an age appropriate girl, but the teacher decided to call instead and ask him to “hang out”. she smiles a lot for someone in that kind of trouble.there is a lot of evidence against her and an 80,000 bond.

curtis jiles , a teachers aide was arrested for two seperate counts of sex acts with boys.then j. mueller was arrested  for lewd and lascivious behavior.

this is another bad week for disney between  the flasher at the pool and the  disney security guard caught in “operation cyber child” ….

“operation cyber child”

of the 38 people caught in the central florida  sex sting operation by 14 law enforcement agencies and polk county, many were from orlando.the sting  named operation cyber child resembled dateline’s to catch a predator.from orlando  are:steven allen, casimiro carino,matthew chillcott, jason crain,rueben jaime,jean marc luxcien,michael maskalenko,mark noethen,collin rosser, and shaun unerti.

also  john bandel of illinois was vacationing with his wife and children here in orlando and decided to go out and get caught when they went to sleep.

matthew chillcott , an orlando elementary school teacher and soccer coach had been online talking with a detective who he thought was a 14 year old girl, since january ,you have 48 hours to report to an orange county school that you have been arrested and chillcott has not done this. also if you abandon your job, after 5 days your name is given to the board for termination.i don’t really think either side has a question about what will happen.

craigslist was used in some of these stings.cnn has done story after story for the last 3 years about craigslist and they are still aiding criminal behavior.there was the craigslist killer, cases of underage girl prostitutes and now pedophiles, to name a few.

according to tampa bay online another monster, who is also from orlando, mark noethen, a disney security guard   ,wanted to meet 11 and 14 year old sisters and see which he liked better.he came with a gun .

Tim Osmar / free speech,Mayor Dyer/free hypocrisy

first i can’t decide what to call this: tim osmar part III,look who’s picture is under hypocrite in the dictionary, lets kill all the lawyers by william shakespeare, or you can write on my sidewalk anytime.

i was very wrong thursday ,saying it might be a little bit disrespectful to write on the sidewalk after reading june 8ths, orlando sentinel story , about tim osmar and the part   about the mayor.in 2009 , mayor dyer “encouraged local businesses to chalk up their sidewalks,to show support to the orlando magic ,during the playoffs”, written by mark schlueb. the orlando rotary “held a chalk art festival on the same city hall plaza”.wow, unbelieveable.there is no explanation for this.hypocrisy.sports.free speech.

if tim osmar has something to say, allow him to do so. he isn’t hurting anyone. the poor man is homeless. someone could give him a job. i am not sure why he quotes william shakespeare about killing all the lawyers, but the lawyers are the only ones who win here. the defense lawyers who lost are the only ones who won, even though they lost. they get about 150,000 and they gave the city a discount.they should give tim most of the money how does he win, if he recieves only 6000.00..permits for large group feedings and no freedom of speech for homeless people.maybe the mayor thought he was putting a roof over tim’s head by putting him in jail.


(tim osmar haiku)

Kill All The Lawyers

Hypocrisy Sports Free Speech

Pink Crayola Chalk.