Patrick Wilkey admits he murdered Laura Hunt

patrick wilkey spent 8 minutes strangling laura hunt to death, with his hands.the poor guy said it wasn’t like it is in the movies,his thumbs hurt:it took too apparently people do get their evil ideas from the movies. then he put a belt around her neck,in case she woke up.he is vacant of empathy. can you imagine her pain  and not being able to breathe for 8 minute, but the poor monster hurt his thumbs.she told her mother, he said he would kill her if she ever left him. she left him a week earlier.after he murdered laura , he took her car and used her credit card to buy gas,put her in the trunk and as NG would say , he dumped her  body ,like trash, in the woods….just like casey anthony dumped caylee in the woods. they love to do that,’s in their play book.

laura’s family thank the police for finding her murderer so fast and want “donations to be made to local parks and recreation departments”, because she “loved nature and animals”, according to the ledger.