just arrived paradise,almost left hard way


“i haven’t done
anything yet and it’s already
awesome” daddy

please do not reserve
south pool chairs with your towel
they will be removed

and then what happens
when you give towels back
you find who guilty are

how embarrassing
lady in powder room tells me
have a nice trip

where am i going
do i have too many bags
i’m already here

“you can either
sit here with us or wear this
and go in the water”

he’s sitting here with us
“nothing to eat today”
“three bowls cereal”

isn’t that something
apparently cereal
isn’t really food

black cowboy boots
blue swim trunks and blue t shirt
will have funny tan lines

had to run away
why do idiots think it’s
alright to smoke here

can’t they sit
in their stupid chair normal people
it doesn’t bother

if only looks could kill
like my chiropractor’s wife
she has the best

the third time
he ran over here he put it out
perfecting my look

straw or cigarette
a game i must play too often
not a fun game

masochist woman
tattoos everywhere bikini
does not cover

ringo’s sister
her hair was bright red last year
for some reason black now

idiot round four
this may be the last haiku
giving him the pool

perhaps choke to death
and my poem blew away when
i threw it and ran

tell’s me it’s alright
idiot facing ocean
and i behind him

what the heck way
do you think the wind is blowing
open your eyes man

you moved from two feet
on my left to two feet on my right
no difference

“it’s getting hot in here
so take off all your clothes”
don’t think that will help


young elvis hips can’t stop dancing


twirling around down
to ground, he’s a real dancer
or a dizzy fool

tries to get
three year old sister to do the moves
no dice she jumps in

“i got one less problem
without you” six year old boy
dancing up storm

whenever he gets hot
jumps in pool , comes out dancing
doing high kicks

while he’s still twirling
she does tae kwon do pose
“i got one less problem”

next song so slow
wraps his arms around his sister
slow dancing romance

“sunshine blue eyes”
never enjoyed country music song
more or at all

“this is how we roll”
slapping his foot as if
he is “cotton eyed joe ”

break dancing cement
not as easy as it looked
he tries the lounge chair

everyone else
hula hoop contest while he’s dancing
to “walk this way”

“shake it baby now
you know you twist so fine
you got me going now”

he’s a real baby
who is having the most fun
worn out just watching

“some day love will find
you broke those chains that bind you
one night will remind”


round round baby


spinning his wife
while she floats in the pool
kissing her pregnant belly

betting no one
has uttered these words before
while in their bikini

everyone has left
elvis has left the building
he was here last night

last name is elvis
and he sings just like elvis
even “blue suede shoes”

if you change your name
to sleeping beauty can you sleep
one hundred years

have decided
all presidents are narcissists
unfeeling people

you lost me when you said
things have always happened
social media

you’re supposed to stop
bad things from happening
that’s why you’re president

evil not a state
should have been blown out of this world
long time ago

no excuse
internet should have made that easier
CIA told


The Shag


swimming at three months
parents knowing mouth to mouth
think this a safe bet

six month old baby
his mother a lifeguard
and his father a nurse

so quiet
then everyone starts laughing at this
non musical pool

boy with an old soul
about eight starts singing
“we will we will rock you”

forty five minute pool
sixty minute man billy ward

myrtle beach music
where the shag became famous
dance of the forties

totally different meaning
on the other side of the pond
my friend

also a movie
bridget fonda phoebe cates
nine teen eighty nine


Sixty Minute Man

“there’ll be fifteen minutes
of teasing and fifteen
minutes of squeezing”