Duckie Bad Hair Day


feathers in the grass
cool wind is blowing hard
ducks lost their attire

forgotten cheez its
another flaw in their day
along with bad hair

hope you grow back fast
or you will need to become
coppertone duckies

in his mouth a rod
he holds this like a cigar
tragic beating heart

why is he chewing
now his wife has one too
oh heavenly pretzel

you fooled this fools eyes
also her heart of drumbeats
summon peaceful sea

tranquil quiet winds
listen to frolicking waves
symphony of seas


i had the law on my sides

the coliseum was new and so was the hockey team. the sign had just flashed how many people were watching the hockey game. sitting next to me on one side was the supervisor of the atf, Gumba.not gumba like tony soprano, but gumba as in friend gumba. he bought 13 season tickets and his agents were sitting next, to us and behind us and then 4 us marshalls were sitting there too.

gumba stood up and asked if i would like a pretzel with no sault. i always found that funny and asked what is sault. i know salt. what is a pretzel with no salt, but a salt deficiency.
even with salt there is a salt deficiency, but that’s another story.
everyone who could hear laughed at me and said i was the one who said it funny, even though we were in s.c., because they were all from NY or NJ, just like a lot of chiropractors in s.c. are from NJ.

still there are thousands of people here and my former husband came in and sat down in the row right below me.gumba turned around and said “that’s her x”. so, they lean down and say seriously, do you want us to throw popcorn at him? they weren’t teasing, and they kept asking because he was facing the wrong way and staring at us. i don’t know if he was staring at gumba’s red leather jacket, his diamond earring or his ponytail, but i know he was also staring at the 18 law enforcemant haircuts,well 17.i can’t count the ponytail.
every single time i have been to the coliseum something strange would happen.