on who to pray for

Leonard Durso

There is a post on facebook going around now with, as of this moment, 109,701 likes and 82,579 shares. The post reads: “SHARE AND PRAY FOR THE CHRISTIANS IN SYRIA!”  Then when you click on it, it reads: “ISIS terrorists have now captured Christians in Syria and told them that if they don’t deny their faith they will be decapitated and their children ‘burned alive in cages’. We must stop the ISIS terrorists!”  I found this somewhat disturbing for one reason but then after reading many of the comments made by my fellow Americans, I was beyond being disturbed and found myself shifting between anger and sorrow. But first, the primary reason I was disturbed in the first place.

Why does it take the threat of beheading Christians who won’t convert and the burning of their children in cages to get people in America angry? Where have these people been?…

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live and let die part I

why is it, when there’s a massacre, you always see people placing 20 crosses for 20 people where it happened? why do they assume each person is christian or not care and think their belief is the only right way and they will only go to heaven if they convert you.well i know the answer,i have heard baptist preachers preach this.the person is dead they cannot do anything about this. but they may be jewish, muslim, atheist, budhist…….have some respect. if you cared about them you would find out what religion they were and place that symbol or none at all, but you only care about you, and i realize i am only talking to maybe 2,000 people in the world and not anyone reading this, but if someone kills me and you put a cross at my demise ,i will come back and kill you.i have to put up with people trying to convert me ,almost daily while i’m alive.i will not put up with this in death.

do not pretend to be my friend for 15 years and then come try to take me to church to be healed one day because drs haven’t helped. most of my friends are baptist and 7 have fathers who are ministers.they never tried to convert me.

do not email me and try to convert me to bob jonesism, when the first thing i said to you was millions of people from bob jones have tried since i was old enough to talk and you tell me that was not your intention.because you are no better than the sociopath.you lied to me. you always try to take advantage of people who are ill or weak, exactly what the sociopath does.

why can’t you just let me honor my mother and father and you do the same. have you heard of the 10 commandments? i will fight you to the death on this one and you will never ever win.