two limericks & two S.C. looney tunes

missed me and wants to come by
an hour to dress to say hi
early alzheimer’s or game
i do not know it’s name
every time that he asks seems a lie

she choked a man
“he took too much of the covers”
the bed they shared

Tina Berryhill Rucker/ Spartanburg S.C. 1/24/15

boyfriend asleep
Michellle Smart pulls a gun
he resisted advances

Victim Mr. Rucker / Myrtle Beach S.C. /Valentine’s Weekend

she would not take no for an answer
next time just sing tiny dancer
you’re on Santa’s bad list
for using your fist
there will be no gifts now from Prancer

Rucker a perp in the first & vic in the second.

Answer Hamas


Buddha: “there are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth ; not going all the way and not starting”

there are hundreds of posts where people already said what you said & i wrote the last page,because of wasn’t about the children, but this will be to answer. also, i said no comments. just assume it wasn’t read or checked what i wrote, which you will find is the truth, and also assume you just don’t care that 3500 missiles were sent by hamas to kill all jews, that includes & especially children as they always have.
listening to news 12 hours a day , all channels…

isreal, who is made up of christians, jews , muslims… is just supposed to sit there and die. even president obama said they have the right to defend themselves. hamas is the one who used children to smuggle weapons in & many isreali’s died because they would not shoot the children.

hamas purposely built tunnels inside homes, schools , mosques, hospitals for this reason, so children would die. they knew the children would die when they shot missiles from their homes & hid them there & built tunnels)

isreal sends out a warning by phone, smoke, before striking to get out. ( ,,, nytimes). and how do you not know to leave , run down the street, when you see hamas building tunnels in your home or firing, unless hamas stopped you from leaving.

generals from this country & i even think the uk ,on cnn & fox say the thought mentality is to stay & die, that that is better .

i’m sure everyone saying these things, would just walk out & give your home for peace , like isrealis did 8 years ago & the people voted hamas into power when they knew exactly their mission was to “KILL ALL JEWS”.
their charter states this.they kill their own children & israeli children on purpose, because psychopaths know exactly this reaction is what they wanted.

the IDF says protect children.they do not try or want to
hurt children.when hamas put the weapons there & israel warns to leave before they shoot and protect people in gaza and their children . the person i loved , you have no better idea of what to do. should just go spread ignorant hatred with everyone else on the hundred’s of other blogs. you were supposed to be a genius.

<i can only hope you did not know any of this:

since 1970's just my lifetime:

avivim school bus massacre!!!!!!

may 1974
netiv meyer elemantary school:!!!!!
115 people taken hostage ***(105 were children)***

it goes on for 40 years where hamas targets children… how many times in my life , i have heard hamas blew up buses, so that i would never have gone there….

i would have given my home & left, even though i knew there would never be peace.(i walked away from my home 10 years ago & paid 60,000 in condo fees, to just let it sit there. and i will be walking away from the one i just bought a few months ago, which has it's own terrorists in the walls.. the 4th home i've left in 3 years). but everyone can't leave a country.there is nowhere to go.
you would just have them sit there & die, the person ,i loved.

no one cares about people just children.what about the mothers & fathers, grandparents , who die. it hurts just as bad whoever dies.what about the child who can't hug her father ever again & no mother to take care of them. you had no solution, nor do you care.
maybe you don't have cnn or fox or your country ,doesn't think hamas is a terrorist , like our president knows hamas is, or anyone who has watched them for 40 years.

i am sorry for everyone who died.the last page, ninety percent of the people would still be alive, if not for hamas…poem said hamas will start firing again 8 am friday & they didn’t even wait until 8 am then, or until the end of the next cease fire, after that. then they denied it, but the president said , they are in power, so they are responsible & who else could it be, murderers and liars.

i said no comments, because my heart cannot afford to get upset.
jalal is the only person who can comment, because he knows more than anyone is what i wanted to write on the last page.but, i do appreciate every single person who supported me in the truth.

i believe ,hannity on fox news said the UN , 57 islamic & 22 arab countries and they gave hamas weapons.
that is exactly what would and will keep happening.

i thought people were kinder & smarter in the world today.but they are just as barbaric as they always were. chasing christians on top of mt sinjan.beheading poor innocent people & we have to talk about what to do for 7 days, when a 6 year old would know to shut up & send food water,pillows, medicine before they die to begin with & then stop the evil psychopths from hurting anyone ever again, immediately. you do not stop to talk about if you can afford it. you can't not afford have no feelings, until it happens to you & it will.


nothing will matter
world war three will be here soon
no religion spared


buddhist broken heart
we're all in this together
to help each other


live and let die part I

why is it, when there’s a massacre, you always see people placing 20 crosses for 20 people where it happened? why do they assume each person is christian or not care and think their belief is the only right way and they will only go to heaven if they convert you.well i know the answer,i have heard baptist preachers preach this.the person is dead they cannot do anything about this. but they may be jewish, muslim, atheist, budhist…….have some respect. if you cared about them you would find out what religion they were and place that symbol or none at all, but you only care about you, and i realize i am only talking to maybe 2,000 people in the world and not anyone reading this, but if someone kills me and you put a cross at my demise ,i will come back and kill you.i have to put up with people trying to convert me ,almost daily while i’m alive.i will not put up with this in death.

do not pretend to be my friend for 15 years and then come try to take me to church to be healed one day because drs haven’t helped. most of my friends are baptist and 7 have fathers who are ministers.they never tried to convert me.

do not email me and try to convert me to bob jonesism, when the first thing i said to you was millions of people from bob jones have tried since i was old enough to talk and you tell me that was not your intention.because you are no better than the lied to me. you always try to take advantage of people who are ill or weak, exactly what the sociopath does.

why can’t you just let me honor my mother and father and you do the same. have you heard of the 10 commandments? i will fight you to the death on this one and you will never ever win.

i wish george carlin was here

and also ,to see these crazy commercials. i really should be quiet. i’m already a man (girl) without a country and they will probably throw me out of s.c. for saying this and only george carlin could make this funny, but there are two new commercials…i am not in any way making fun of the disease only the commercial.they apparently have actors laughing scared me, but they say this is a disease , go to the dr. again who is paying for this…seriously if you are cracking up, uncontrollably would you not have sense enough to go to the dr. i can tell you no one is ill laughing hysterically and looking for advice from a commercial. how dumb do they think we are. george carlin would have liked these ill people in his audience and he would have made a joke about waiting to go to the dr. after his concert.

one commercial about the lottery was too many….how we are sorry, but it’s the law and if you aren’t 18 you cannot play, but now they have one telling us dumb south carolinians that we should play responsibly…lol…like that is going to matter..just another waste of money…there are gambling addicts, people with OCD.they can’t help it.your commercail does no good. it’s pointless.and i think it was the governor. i could be wrong, but i don’t pay attention to commercials.i have no time, for stupidity. what happened to the last governor..i see this guy walking aroung the mall in charleston. his office was by my P.T. i move to va. and all of a sudden i see him on nacy grace as a governor, behaving like a sociopath.big can see a dozen on law and order every day.