Universal Doubletree Hilton Carjacking

early this morning , three people at gunpoint took someone’s camaro ,in the parking lot of orlando’s universal doubletree hilton.five minutes later , with the lights off, running from police,they crashed the car into the house of an 80 year old woman, who is very upset.police found an abandoned white suv, they believe is tied to these crimes.had i known this , i don’t think i would have just walked through the hilton parking lot. it was either that or the sidewalk and thursday i saw a snake , in the mulch next to the sidewalk, so i will never, ever , go near that sidewalk again.

 just yesterday , mareya alvarado was killed on colonial drive, in their food truck, she and her husband had put their life savings into and the bullet hit the coworker’s finger as he tried to shove the robbers outside.today on east colonial drive , a man pretended to be an auditor at dunkin donuts and robbed the store.

this brilliant idea is being reported now. first time juvenile offenders will not be arrested, but they will instead get a ticket, because of overcrowding in the prisons.that is wonderful news to the sociopaths , who  already believe they can get away with anything.there aren’t enough people here getting away with “murder”.i wouldn’t be suprised if they did give juveniles a ticket for murder.there will be murders. maybe not the second time or the third time, but that will eventually happen.of course it will happen anyway, but this will cause more…does that mean someone like misty croslin can lie to the police about a murder investigation daily for a year and just get a ticket. oh wait she wasn’t even arrested ,or given a ticket,until she turned 18 for being a drug dealer. does that mean 3 teens , who try to to knock the door down to murder one of their foster parents  will only get a ticket?

in sanford , a few hours ago, the sanford commissioners decided not to accept the sheriff’s resignation 3 to 2; the same exact vote as the no confidence vote .

Florida’s wild kingdom

another shark bit  the hand of a  man today, reported on local channels.his friend tried to drive him to the hospital but they had to call an ambulance.is there an invisible ocean here in orlando?

then they showed a monkey on the loose,in the trees of woods.novenber 23rd, they were searching for a rhesus monkey,on the loose in palm coast.february 7th, a monkey was captured in sanford.

four months ago,a bear was wandering around here. they said watch out.never a word if it was caught.a month ago, 24 minutes from orlando,Terri Gurley was bitten by a bear at longwood apartments, when she went to throw trash away. officials say she wasn’t attacked  it was a close encounter. well they don’t have to sit like she does on her close encounter.i think she would say differently.it wasn’t like the bear was a sociopath and thought i’m going to go hurt someone,like casey anthony or marcus wayne hunt. she was probably trying to protect her food and her baby . nevertheless she received the death penalty. no judge; no jury. they were going to put her baby in jail, when they found the cub.

april the 14th,according to the orlando sentinnel , sixteen minutes after leaving jail, in tampa,” marcus wayne hunt hit a man in the face and took his 190.00 bicycle.we have enough prisons for animals but not  for people.

so we have enough sense to catch these animals because they might harm  more people, but not enough to see the criminals who are going to destroy  more people than they already have, if you don’t lock them up.drew peterson is going to marry another woman and kill her ,if you let him out.there may even be a mathematical psychological equation for the probability of this.he was allowed to run around until some time after he killed 2 wives.josh powell was not able to be captured after he murdered his wife and that’s why susan’s children were murdered also.dale smith was the leader of a gang , who murdered a man .had he been in jail ,michelle parker would be alive with her 3 children , where they belong.

4/17 /12 Universal Orlando helicopters hovering

they are always flying outside, but since they were hovering,i thought they had found jennifer kessee or michelle parker.breaking news at 4 pm wesh ; they found “the bones of a man.” in the woods a few hours ago and they are saying “they do not suspect foul play”. excuse me , how do you not?…he was in the woods.

the 48 year old man who was shot in the chest,through his car windshield, on I 4  is samuel adams from Sanford.this poor man was going home after ” he had just visited his dying sister” at the hospital ,according to local 6.last night he was in critical condition, fox says he is still in critical condition. .the burning bodies have now been identified as  2 males. dozens of children stayed home from school today , because of a threat. last week, it seems about  350 stayed home from another school. 4/29/08  at deland middle school  a teen threatened a shooting spree, 10/08/09  another shooting threat and 11/23/11 in altamonte spring’s lake brantley high school,  also by one frightening walking talking, comfortable in a court chair- sociopath -emanuel costas….this is the time of year for these types of shootings 4/19: ruby ridge, waco, the columbine massacre…

i can hear nancy grace now: last night mallory mims. filled out a job application at a local bar , then sat down and had 3 tequilla shots. someone told the manager she had left her 5 year old alone in the car with the windows rolled up.she went behind the bar to get her keys back from the bartender.the police were then called.she denied the little boy was her son.her neighbors are , of course shocked.

kiwanis island park has now reopened, but be on the look out for mishuginah raccoons. the other day someone was bitten. then a little girl and her grandmother were attacked, and are now undergoing rabies treatment.. that’s when they decided to close and catch the  raccoons.

New to Sanford Jamison Knight 17 shot , paralyzed

Jamison Knight and his mother moved from georgia to sanford a month ago. monday night, he was shot in a drive by shooting in the neck and paralyzed from the waist down. the police say there were witnesses but no one will come forward.this happened just a few blocks from police headquarters.a white or silver car was seen.his mother said he is trying to be brave for her.they can’t even remove the bullet, from his neck,at this time

 wednesday, three more people who were visiting sanford, from michigan, including a pregnant woman were also shot, when about 30 bullets were fired.

Sanford , 28 minutes to Orlando

In broad daylight on march 25, in sanford,two adult  african american teens, 18 and 19 are said to have  hammered in the head repeatedly and pulled a caucasian man , 50, from his car . they were witnessed by neighbors, who called 911 and the fingerprints  of Julius Bender and Yahaziel Israel were found in the car they abandoned shortly after this attempted murder.even though they were seen, they dragged the man into the woods and kept hitting him in the head with the hammer.this man is on life support  at ORMC , orlando regional medical center.

at 7;30 tonight, a small plane crashed into an orlando publix and caught on fire. the pilot and co pilot also are at ORMC. at least 3 others, thought to be shopping were sent to hospitals. although on their way home from work drs and nurses turned around and went back to the hospital, not knowing how many people are injured.