another wipe natalie

(like jeff foxworthy’s: you might be a redneck if)

you might have ocd :

1. if you look at someone who wants to serve you french toast on oatmeal thursday,like they are crazy, as sheldon to penny on big bang theory.

2. if you are a dog who never ever ever wants to stop chasing the ball.and when your father stops to speak to someone, barks continually until the ball is thrown.

3. if you learn russian ,only because you have a fear of being kidnapped ,taken to russia, let go and decide to go for a bite to eat.

4.if you have 12 or more windows open right know you do.

5.if you touch food to your chin, before every bite ray barone.

6. if you are confused because you have arranged your entire life, since you were 1 ,to watch general hospital at 3 pm and they changed the time.

7. if you cannot wait 2 minutes and talk on your cell phone in the ladies room ,while powdering your nose, while others are powdering their noses.(they should have some kind of support group for that alone, because i have seen entirely too many).

8. if you write more than 20 haiku a day.

9. you find your shoeprints in the sand leaving the beach backwards, because it says ecco.

10.your neighbor comes to borrow ketchup one day in elementary school and the next day tells everyone through high school ,you have 17 bottles of heinz ketchup in the pantry.

11.if you go into a dark glass enclosed jacuzzi and wonder if anyone placed a pirahna in the water, or maybe you have seen too many law and order episodes.

12.if you have seen too many law and order episodes.

13.if you run to wash your hands after you touch the mail, even though the anthrax scare ended in dc at least 8 years ago.

14. and of course if you washed your hands every time you touched the mail before and after there was anthrax in mail.

15. if the last song you played last night was the song in your head: take me right back to the track jack,choo choo ch buggy by louis jordan, and it kept you awake.