nautilus shell crawls haiku


like the pentagon
boardwalk an uphill battle
calves having a cow

nautilus shell crawls
pushing out his purple lid
splash down astronaut

crawling back and forth
you are attached at both ends
back and beach you walk

wishing i could help
if you can just speak english
how you fit inside

the waves cover you
you always float back to me
a ballet of shells

seriously, how
did you fit inside that tiny
little shell man

mr. and mrs.
mallard are getting ready
jump into the pool

she may just fall in
sipping water over edge
there she goes again

following closely
never lets her out of sight
less than six inches

just like our neighbors
he would never let mrs.
out of sight too long

four houses away
thirty years right down the street
she came to borrow

very soon after
the entire family
would be at our house

ducks are so silly
and cuckoo for cocoa puffs
go buy some chlorox

it will be dark soon
mosquitoes will bite fingers
perfumed soap moroons


black hawk up

october again
when blackbird sits on blue rope
sipping pool chlorine

witnesses this year
two women who see this sight
so close to the sea

black hawk up purposely
flew into long stretching
year of dragon cloud

puff the magic dragon
they say he lived by the sea
can see whale’s tail

inside puff’s blowhole
those three swimming black minnows
think they were shadows

moist sand softening
fibromyalgia heaven
tempurpedic toes

kayak hasn’t moved
for many hours sea is calm
maybe an anchor

that’s a white seashell
tern, tern, tern , no not breadcrumbs
mr. tern, tern, tern

when you learn to play
C-dog will accompany
your flute with a howl

he may “tiptoe through
your tulips” while you play
his ukulele though

Byrds / Turn Turn Turn

“there is a season
a time to every purpose
swear it’s not too late”