3 jews and a cowboy cafe

a tale of coincidences`

it was thursday night at the cowboy cafe`, in arlington , va. realizing i could buy my own condo and not have larry david silly arguments about planes and lightning. i had my own table , my own city paper and the chef would bring a cheese quesadilla and not let me pay. i could go see any movie i wanted to, every movie in the city paper, without
having to wait for mr. mishuginah to decide out of 10 newspapers , which review was the best. heaven knows i didn’t have enough sense to pick a good movie, having seen every trailer known to mankind. a good movie is one that has no music , very depresssing and an old woman dies in a foreign language, apparently.

as i was waiting for my cab driver, at the window, mr. mishuginah , who had apparently been sitting at the bar began speaking to me. after a long time, still with my back turned, thinking that was the universal sign for saying i’m not speaking to you, finally i said i am not speaking to you. he laughed and said that i just did in an adorable way. i told him, i felt like i had to, since he didn’t realize this. he had sent a letter, to s.c. a month after i stopped speaking to him, but i wouldn’t get that letter for 7 years.
he didn’t tell me. my neighbor had placed the letter in a drawer. after 4 years ,i did speak to him, because my chiropractor made me. then again, a few weeks later, at a synagogue on rosh hoshannah, when you have to speak to people you are not speaking to…it’s the law, but i added that was the only reason why and if i see you somewhere tomorrow,i will not be speaking to you.

back to the cowboy cafe thursday…
i went to my new condo and saturday night i was at a synagogue in another state, potomac maryland. someone walked up to me and said thursday night , you were at the cowboy cafe, in arlington.you were wearing gloves…then he went into a very long story ,telling me everything i was wearing and that i was reading the city paper. ( i was pretending to read the city paper, in the dark, so no one would come sit with me).i realized that he had been sitting at the bar with mr. mishuginah.then he said he was a writer and where he worked and it was a block from my new condo.he had the very same job as mr. mishuginah, in the same building, for the same company. could it be true ? there were three jews at a cowboy cafe, thursday? i don’t know which part was the hardest to believe, but he knew what i was wearing. he said he was worried about my ride, because he drove around the block to make sure they had come. other than your husband , you go out with three people in your life and 2 have the same exact job , less than 1000 people have this job in the world, probably closer to 200 ,and they are both jewish. we don’t even have that many unmarried jews in s.c. it was very hard to believe . they didn’t know each other and they were both sitting at the tiny bar. i asked if he was there to kidnap me: it was the strangest thing i had ever heard. two states in two days.it was a joke, but he said yes. and he did. i wasn’t afraid, because my cab driver was also a police officer.

“don’t get around much anymore”

“faded memories
i might have gone but what for
my mind’s more at ease”