donald trump is nothing but a criminal from way back haiku

in only one crime
stole from 5000 victims
forty million bucks

twenty five percent
ten million was his profit
five after taxes

you have to be bad
for attorney general
to go after you

sued him for forty
then he sues for one hundred
this is his M.O.

i’l get even more
on top of my other crimes
by counter suing

sham for profit school
why isn’t he in prison
students defrauded

call this bait and switch
reason neglected license
knew school illegal

he promised a three day seminar at his fake school , he never showed up: his school had no license.his school is now shut down.. every time he does something bad, he counter sues, for even more..he did this again ,last week. his instructors didn’t even have any real estate knowledge..

listen to this, he stole 36,490.00 from art cohen for this 3 day seminar.only a sociopath can talk you into this, pyramid scheme like crime…now there is a class action lawsuit…again 5000 people gave him money. do you really believe this is his first crime…he must have a thousand attorneys helping him with all of these lawsuits against and for him.

only a charismatic sociopath can separate you from so much money and have people listen to him.
i hate sociopaths and i cannot believe this criminal is allowed on every cable channel all day & night and accuse anyone else in the world of being a criminal!!!

if he isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. he’s the criminal. why are criminals allowed to run for president. personally ,i believe most people elected president are sociopaths ,like george bush or they become one after elected. sociopaths say what you want to hear & then do whatever they please. they don’t care about anybody but themselves & that’s why the market crashed, everyone lost half their money, many lost homes & why we have isis.

obama went to play golf , after the most horrific crime , i cannot even write.i don’t know if it’s because he’s a sociopath or because he was told to look like he doesn’t care for the terrorists sake.

but i do know , the only reason donald trump has any money is because he has been stealing & telling lies his entire life.i know that as well as i know my own name & it’s very painful to watch him get away with this.and of course , he is a racist: at least people see that.

this is my favorite: donald said “he gets along with putin” . trump gets along with a murdering psychopath . think about that. and he is proud of this, and stupid enough to announce this to cnn, like it’s a good get along with him, because you are like him. of course it’s very possible they don’t even know each other and another lie.

trump told anderson cooper ,he gives money to democrat and republican lobbyists to buy favors

“donald trump doesn’t
even believe everything
donald trump says”

(from a talking head, on CNN)
he said this , because donald said mexicans will vote for him. i say , you can watch him make up lies in 1 second during interviews.anyone who has taken their business from him , is wrong & he will sue them or say big deal.
i knew it was peanuts, before he said the money was peanuts.this miserable excuse for a human should be in prison.

mark wahlberg racist thug sociopath haiku,i’m being polite

despise mark wahlberg
he apologized to self
for blinding a man

i wrote a long haiku a long time ago and don’t know where it is. so, last night i was getting ready to write this at twitter & apparently something new happened this past december.
originally this racist wahlberg, beat a vietnamese man so badly he blinded him, many years ago.

cnn interviewed wahlberg & reputable news stories all said that mark, the sociopath, had forgiven himself. can you believe this. the poor man suffered every second of his life & not only, does he not feel sorrow & couldn’t be bothered to apologize to the man but has the nerve to say he forgave himself.

how can it get any worse.apparently questionable sources in december are trying to change the facts. also wahlberg would like an apology from the state that imprisoned him.

i do remember this : i will never see another movie he makes & i had probably seen every one, until i learned this. also , i am asked questions every friday & sometimes 5 times a day about whether or not he is a good actor, for the past 11 years, like today.if i guessed 12,000 questions in 11 years ,that would be a low estimate. you can guess what the last 3000 answers were.

because you are a racist
and badly beat a man
is bad enough

for twenty six years
only thinking of yourself
you were not sorry

wish he had sued you
for every penny you made
wouldn’t be enough

wounded warrior
evil warrior who wounds
like you even care


freedom of speech means you can steal money from unsuspecting people haiku

Kevin Trudeau

“aids is a hoax”
natural cure for diabetes
Trudeau’s newsletter

“the sun does not cause cancer
sunscreen is one of
the major causes”

five hundred dollars
for a lifetime membership
what an idiot

how can you tell
this guy is a sociopath
convicted of fraud

the 1990’s
credit card and larceny
sued by FTC

instead of PAYING
he joined a pyramid scheme
pleaded poverty

living lavishly
no fear, thinking he’s so smart
out of their playbook

Trudeau said
pharmaceutical companies
don’t want you to get well

this may be the only
truth he has ever uttered
in his whole life

but you don’t either
you could care less what happens
you want their money

net worth ten million
or is it thirty seven
only hairdresser


Durst , Out of your own mouth

you have murdered three
could not even be polite
your mother-in-law

what a narcissist
in your own words for two hours
you aren’t interested

what she has to say
who gives a flip what you want
she gave you your wife

you have no manners
rude evil sociopath
only two hours

didn’t want children
only wife’s undivided
or you would divorce

caught stealing sandwich
“wanted to see if you could
get away with it”

murdering three
not enough to get away with ?
we’ll see you in _ _ _ _

“he didn’t ask us
he kinda fibbed for himself”
an understatement

“i think she’s almost
definitely dead but i don’t
know that she’s dead”

“i did not kill
my best friend i did dismember him”
are you kidding ?

here are my two words
isn’t it time for this

“nobody tells the whole truth”
how do YOU KNOW
what everybody does ?

when asked if his father
thought he killed kathy
answering in haiku

“i haven’t the faintest
idea i highly highly
highly doubt it”

you know what i think
you are an evil b _ _ _ _ _ _
and that’s the whole truth


say misty


they live in a world
where they throw live animals
to alligators

this place florida
so why not a little girl
they have no feelings

this destroys my heart
hoping she was dead before
poor haleigh cummings

everyone she knew
her tiny family
twenty nine arrested

father grandparents
babysitter and brothers
everyone’s parents

have to raise yourself
parents always on drugs
every waking second

steal to stay alive
or just for the fun of it
enjoy selling drugs

your babysitter
lost your dear child forever
so you marry her

a forgiving soul
for a psychopath father
or is she that good

misty croslin
teenage mafia princess
liar above liars


capo de tutti capi: misty

Children Destroyed by Hamas

and how do you
decide which child to hang
to protect your mass weapons

inanimate objects
with souls of small children
taken from parents

murder the mother?
how else would you take their child
hurt them physically?

stop their screaming?
their cries do not bother you
heartless evil creatures

destroy everyone
generations of evil
mentally tortured

you erased
everything humankind has learned
protecting children

what was done to you
that you would do this to them
look forward to death

how many children
did you not only murder
but blame Israel

photograph page before this

Sanford , 28 minutes to Orlando

In broad daylight on march 25, in sanford,two adult  african american teens, 18 and 19 are said to have  hammered in the head repeatedly and pulled a caucasian man , 50, from his car . they were witnessed by neighbors, who called 911 and the fingerprints  of Julius Bender and Yahaziel Israel were found in the car they abandoned shortly after this attempted murder.even though they were seen, they dragged the man into the woods and kept hitting him in the head with the hammer.this man is on life support  at ORMC , orlando regional medical center.

at 7;30 tonight, a small plane crashed into an orlando publix and caught on fire. the pilot and co pilot also are at ORMC. at least 3 others, thought to be shopping were sent to hospitals. although on their way home from work drs and nurses turned around and went back to the hospital, not knowing how many people are injured.

It was a good week for sociopaths

remeber the day casey anthony was on every channel, abc, cbs, nbc, cnn, hln, because someone put her video out and she said she adopted the puppy? the next day Joran Van der Sloat was supposed to confess, but he asked the 3 female judges for another week to think and he got another 5 days

.the same day they were searching for Jenniffer Kesse, by the outlets after she had been missing 5 years…they did not find her.a week earlier , i found a credit card in the street that said jennifer and i had just been thinking about her and i found out she was from here…again i wondered why i came here and if i would live to go back to arlington.

and then almost every night, the pizza flyer criminals are shoving flyers under the door from 5- 9 pm…you hear kee, keeck, ceech, keeck….3;45 am, in the middle of the night, someone is banging on the door.. i dial 0 – the front desk- and he says – it is me..i am at your door.i didn’t have time to think how he could be at the desk and the door…he and 2 police officers are standing there and did you know it was a crime to have your light on at 4 am? he said the entire hotel smells like weed and your light was on. he kept saying the word “weed”.

i thought he was the one smoking marijuana.he looked like a hippie. he told the police it was not coming from this room.i was doubled over , trying to keep my heart inside my chest and not going to the hospital again. he scared me half to death.the manager apologized 2 days later and said that was never going to happen again and he had a long talk with that guy.