yoda stopped by haiku

“i’m lying in bed
with a beautiful woman
who can quote yoda”

the big bang theory
never know who will drop by
leonard to penny

after i wrote this
picture of yoda pops up
yoda spoke to me

the force be with you
i had to leave off the may
it started with may

thank-you for the wish
can use any good wishes
every single one

ABC off air
CW took over
The Middle is lost

strange phenomenom
a little bit upsetting

wrote silly haiku
and the next thing that you know
HTC answers

they’d love to help me
they think this is a fun game
and write a haiku

can you believe this
cable company answers
AND they write HAIKU

you don’t wait all day
your window is ten minutes
wrote me THREE haiku

and they were funny
a delightful company
extremely funny