who do you think you are talking to haiku

duck says YOU get out
lady yelling at mallard
get out of the pool

she was going home
why did your noodle splash down
learn to share with duck

raspberries , perfume
two o’ clock and thirty feet
gentleman with oil

hair color for men
how does the dye know that you
are not a woman

sitting on pool steps
chewing chocolate candy

vapors from his pipe
bongo bong break all the rules
they do as they please


rose petals almost touch the sea II haiku

Elissa breaks free
runs back to the baby pool
jumps in and gets wet

his family left
he was having none of this
fish out of water

and now duck hour
mallard in a fast paced race
racing against self

the pool is his life
hiding behind azalea
quacking up a storm

he came for mrs.
both fly over the sea oats
time to fly a kite

“i feel the earth move
under my feet i feel the sky
tumblin down”

stalker is stalking
leaves a pet rock at the door
four hours sleep stomps

restraining order
then she’s offering doughnuts
and the haiku back

can’t hit the ceiling
too many nails point inward
only jump sideways


hot pink rose petals line the tide haiku

beached jellyfish two
along with bright red apple
sukkos again may

fallen orange peel
dolphin engaged in wedding
pink rose petals lie

only twelve inches
will be washed away at sea
a sukkot wedding

do not give me t’s
and do not take my s’s
want to say sukkos

it’s apples and oranges
fish celebrating

“go crazy on you”
making me forget my taLe
she’s singing again

kentucky bourbon
alcohol derby and blues
just give us jazz hands

john cocuzzi sings
alexandria king street
except he’s not there

even if he was
building has left the building
you aren’t there either

“i bet you think this
song is about you don’t you”
she’s singing this now

having just written
poem no longer than two days
this song for my duck

how can she still play
“just me and bobbie mcgee
busted my g string”


volley ball sand bird


many times over
burying your head in sand
splashing grains around

brown thrasher troubles
why are you bathing in sand
is this new fashion

back scratching technique
your way to play volleyball
volley sand for one

“Brody take a bite
of your hot dog you won’t
have any energy”

“you’ll have to go upstairs
and take a nap you won’t
be able to play”

what a cute way
telling your child to eat dinner
thinking on his feet

i ate everything
no one had to ask me twice
except that one time

sardine sandwiches
thinking it was tuna fish
at my father’s store

my mother brought lunch
glad i’m vegetarian
give seagull sardines

Brody hates hot dogs
jamie livingston ate four
my birthday cook out

father and husband
could eat them every single day
if you let them

they would rather go
to a restaurant with hot dogs
than anywhere else


silly summer sitters & a british ankle


synchronized flying
flapping formation follow
eight seagulls in line

their dance recital
as much fun to watch as perform
“they’ve got the beat”

two college girls
sitting behind me singing
a song they just made up

” do you want to paint
a seashell or paint a birdhouse
for five dollars”

“it doesn’t have to be
a seashell but we only
have each other”

i can’t believe
they made the song seventeen syllables
just for me

you can paint my toenails
because i woke up with
sciatica pain

from crossing my legs
i should not have done this
but me heel feels broken

they borrowed my pen
so i have to stop thinking
impossible task

“he’s a bad mamma jamma”
and he doesn’t even know
what this means


* this might be funny
when she comes back from sweden
inaugurate song

on the way to paradise I


walk slowly seeing
on the way to paradise
squirrel tells you his tale

he can’t distinguish
between the two tails he has
but that’s quite alright

ducks enjoy cheez its
one applauds flapping her wings
who has a camera

then low tide appears
most beautiful sight in world
cabanas sukkahs

colorful umbrellas
cat on a raft ocean creek
no, a woman

dark black ponytail
back, standing up to her neck
pussycat profile

you silly one
a shark could just swim by you
they say that they wouldn’t

she’s all alone
crabs crawling under her toes
maryland and deviled

why am i watching
missing the beautiful sun
colors of the sea

as if the beach
isn’t beautiful enough
oleander pampass

someone plants flowers
how much can one’s eyes take in
resort of beauty