Charles Peoples 60 ,Good Husband or Narcissist

At his tampa trial, george peoples tried to tell the court he was a good husband ,for 42 years.he drove with a blood alcohol level of .204, when you are driving impaired at .08, even though his license had been taken away. when his wife died in the car crash, he cut her seatbelt and tried to place her in the driver’s seat.i’m thinking a good husband woud be overcome by his wife’s tragic death and not even consider for one second blaming Wanda Peoples, or be able to do such a thing. a good husband probably would not drive without a license and take the chance of going to jail and not being able to provide for his wife. guess why his license was taken. a good husband would not put his wife in danger.a good husband might give his wife the keys.i’m not sure he didn’t do this on purpose. a good husband probably isn’t a person, who gets arrested for dozens of crimes over the years.i just find that hard to believe. i wonder what sounds to me like george peoples is a ronald cummings type of guy,who just wants to do what he wants to do. his family was described as exhausted, by him but forgiving.the judge was not and gave him 25 years, hopefully the rest of his life.