serpent on his shoulder swims swimmingly

four feminine ducks
walking down the water’s plank
beginning ballet

mallard men passing
one behind the other
the line flows to the left

girls dancing far right
they must know what a line is
someone has cooties

females turn around
flowing next to manly men
forming two straight lines

someone’s husband
taking pictures of other ducks
not this cute ballet

foggy and hazy
eighty one yesterday
only seventy four

at eighty one
the pool was chilly but now
fearless man has jumped in

october warmth
sixty seven a few hours ago
no screaming

everyone is born
with the same pool conversation
inside their mind

a man jumps in
the answer is i’m very cold
asks you how you are

he says it will warm up
his son laughs and tells him
he is mistaken

that he saw her in
the pool ten minutes ago
“she would be warm now”

why do you get out
a man with a snake tattoo
shoulder crawling back

he was behind you
his snake was crawling toward you
terrified of asp

back to the beach
where a man stops you and tells you
that you need Reiki

full moon kissing sun
hamantaschen hour
age of aquarius

moonlight veils ballet
“the moon doesn’t take your rights”
simply enhances

quote jeff schwaner


aqua italian ice
aqua bikini top
aqua towel too

lifeguard beached to nap
next to me in the shade
his second time this week

in different places
lizard comes to watch him
no haiku in this sleep

“i’m a girl watcher”
hey that’s what a lifeguard does
you should watch men too

no one should drown
unless it’s their sorrows
in a margaritaville

jimmy buffet
he’s very big in myrtle beach
singing next door now

on lyndsey’s shirt
carly’s italian ice
her right arm covered tattoos

if this were tv
someone above has planned out
music with beach life



music soothes his soul


wrestler with tattoo
when he pulled stick from mouth
was so very happy

preparing to run
instead yellow lollipop
wasn’t cigarette

breath giving duck pond
finest wind you’ll ever meet
never lets you down

bobble head my friend
“hot stuff baby this evenin”
appearing all year

bird landed beside
he didn’t even frighten
they are true friends now

thrash flies away
lizard comes to show us dancing
floor show you can’t miss

ducks live
where tropical winds delight
every fiber of your being

who invented this
greatest architect on earth
between the towers

saltwater fish duck
when bread crumbs fly overhead
ducklings with mothers

tram drives by ducklings
“it’s a small world after all”
like you’re at disney

people think i’m here
for their entertainment
but there’s no cover charge

talk to you constantly
so you cannot write
make you forget haiku


blue pupik (belly button) II


dress following
into the ocean so cannot
have peace and quiet

forget you were wearing
one hundred forty five
sandals on your toes

they took the twenty
before the lifeguard said to
leave them at his stand

no life guards in fall
leaving behind john’s chair
seeing him move two times

almost at the water
a man with new york accent
florescent trunks

“would you like tickets
for dinner and restaurants
tell me when you check out”

i am so confused
never seeing anyone
do this here before

telling him “FIFTY
YEARS if i live that long
i’m NEVER checking out”

then asking if i
would like to have one hundred
go hear vacation

i said i don’t drive
this is what he understand
not that i live here

blue pupik high tide
next to me she turns her back
eyes staring at me

before having time
to figure out if that’s her
the eyes tell you so


blue belly button


her pupik is blue
flashing from the sun up high
what is going on

blue matches the pool
she put her one leg in
then she took it right out

when she turns around
your eyes are not playing tricks
see blue eyes tattoo

above bikini
chaos in your mind and soul
not knowing the time

day began like this
not knowing if the time changed
try eleven keys

cannot open home
red fingers then housekeeping
then maintenance tries

an hour goes by
you have to be a wrestler
holding the storm door

no electricity
after the confusion
normally confused

then man with two dogs
“can i help you sweetie
i’ll put my dogs away”

you can help me by
bringing your two dogs
lower my blood pressure

seriously said
waiting for the smoke to clear
literal smoking

“i never knew what
time it was then i met you”
a week too early


ella fitzgerald

“i didn’t know what
time it was then i met you
grand to see your face”


All I Can Say Is …

i am a person
of interest in zero crimes
hope you are also

when i was seven
i was in love with
elliott gould’s attorney

in forty years
there will be some funny looking
tattoos men eighty

if you are in a movie
and the phone starts ringing
do not answer

to follow you if your name is

i was twenty three
began forgetting words
trying to speak long pause

two high pitched puppies
trying to outdo the other
thinking i won