Legoland offers Thomas Lopez a job

the general manager of legoland has offered thomas lopez and the nine other lifeguards, who were fired or quit working for jeff ellis and associates , jobs as lifeguards at the winter haven resort, according to fox news..i hope someone will also offer  to do something,for the nurse and the others who pulled the drowning man out of the water.

Thomas Lopez does not want his lifeguard job back at Hillandale Beach

Thomas Lopez and the other lifeguards, Travis Madrid and Zoard Jenko ,who were fired do not want their jobs back, even though Ellis plans on making the offers.Jeff Ellis told the sun sentinel ” i am of the opinion, the supervisors acted hastily”.Szilard Jenko quit in protest. a childhood friend, of lopez, Shane Wilcox, is acting as spokesperson, because the story is getting so much least jeff ellis is doing the right thing, but is he doing this because it is right or because he doesn’t want to lose his contract with hillandale beach?

in other news today a crossdressing maid, Vanessa Olmos,at an Orlando days inn hotel ,on international drive is  being accused of inappropriately touching a teenage boy, july 4th .i believe this is  in the universal orlando area. channel 9 said vanessa’s real name is Chris.several months ago, a teenage boy attacked a maid , when she tried to clean his room.i’m thinking parents should not leave children in the rooms alone.

July 4th orlando hotel tales

you don’t have to get stuck in traffic:you can see fireworks from your universal hotel room in 3 directions.from 9 pm until… universal has their regular 9;32 – 9:48 pm show and to the left of the doubletree you can see more fireworks.then across the highway, at what looks like the outlets, more foreworks and 50 yards away next to the lake there is another machine shooting all kinds of sparkly things.they didn’t go very high in the air, some only went a few inches or 2 feet high.

then, you can watch the news and understand what is wrong,with the world, not just orlando, by two seperate , thomas lopez,the lifeguard, was fired for saving a man’s life,because jeff ellis & associates is afraid of being sued . the name of the nurse is not known ,who was there and helped .there not only  is no reward for being a good person , but bad things happen, when you do the right thing.

two, matthew chillcott , who was arrested for being a pedophile in operation cyber child , who spoke to, what he thought was  a child , but really an undercover officer,for 6 months and then went to the  house for sex and was arrested  is demanding his job back now as an elementary school teacher. he is   demanding   …. of course he thinks he should teach children. unbelieveable.tomorrow  we will probably see a lawyer take his case.

Lifeguard,Thomas Lopez fired for saving a man’s life

again, every business in  orlando   seems to only care  about being sued.about 1;45 pm monday, a man was drowning, at hillandale beach  and thomas rushed to save him, but he was not in the area lopez is supposed to protect, according to his boss Jeff Ellis and associates of orlando.there isn’t even a beach in orlando.everything bad seems to happen in orlando.jeff ellis and associates said they could be sued by someone who is in the area they are paid to protect.they are being paid 334,000.00 a year to protect that area and city pools. i would like to see the probability of two people drowning at the same time.i know once two people were bitten by sharks, during spring break, within a half hour of each other, but they were not makes me very angry that they would let a man die and they would punish people for doing the right thing. channel 6 said 3 lifeguards have been fired and 4 quit over this incident, but an article for the same channel says” lopez was fired and 2 quit in protest”.can you imagine a lifeguard sitting there watching a man drown and saying i’m sorry,i can’t help you,someone might need me in my area and might sue jeff ellis….if there is a lifeguard, who would sit there and do that, he is a sociopath and he doesn’t care if he saves you are not and i don’t want that lifeguard.

this job paid 8.25 an hour. a former vice mayor has asked the city not to renew the contract with jeff ellis and associates, according to channel 9.