6 pm after 6 am lovely vacation family haiku

elevator breaths
they’re not whistling dixie
although they’re southern

“you better not come
out tomorrow it will be
one hundred and ten”

hidden far away
three mothers and baby ducks
in plain sight at six

love this family
ten adults at round table
no one is smoking

happily knight them
wondering if king arthur
smoked r j reynolds

two girls holding hands
they’re going to the beach club
north carolina

“i guess i didn’t
laugh very often back then”
she is laughing now

jim came to say hi
“remember us from last year
loud and obnoxious”

i remember kind
“you were writing poetry”
and i was just now

“hope not about us”
eyes in the back of jim’s head
how did he see me

it’s funny because
i was just thinking about
the blender they had

boat motor powered
and know i am not joking
twin yamaha loud

and i don’t know why
not recognizing one face
until he told me

the whole family
came to say hi and goodbye
had just knighted them


6 a m beach haiku I

twenty two ducks dine
direction of the arrow
walking down the street

forgot to press snooze
late mother and four ducklings
crop circles on beach

tire track circles
remembering the police
drove on sand last night

first two dune buggies
badges flash on their shirts
later police truck

also bird foot prints
like when the flintstones bake pies
and now my foot prints

digging a large hole
a man and two teenage boys
fifteen foot circle

the first thing you see
at 6 am on the beach
building a castle ?

you find a flip flop
spending the night in the sea
ten minutes later

his mate floats to me
a photographer poses
happy family

professional man
while he works with the parents
two little boys run

one falls in the sand
of course he’s wearing white pants
they are still digging

guy stands in the hole
almost the top of his legs
then he comes outside

starts digging a moat
all three are wearing black gloves
regular shovels

his belly button
submerged inside outer moat
Rudy runs toward me


2/7-2/9- Chiang Mai

my lovely niece , elephant and tiger cubs

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Well, I am officially in love with Chiang Mai, if only because I got to play with three tiger cubs and one lion cub while there.

After we booked a few tours for the next day, Chris and I explored the Chiang Mai museum and Three Kings Monument, which celebrates the three kings who together established the city of Chiang Mai. The museum detailed Chiang Mai’s history, and how it became part of present-day Thailand.  We then visited three of the city’s Wats, where we got to learn the story of Buddha’s life through a Wat’s murals (and a guide provided to us by a monk).

We went to the walking market, where we immediately understood why it is called a “walking” market- it goes on forever. And ever. And ever. It begins at the Three Kings Monument, where students ranging from, I would guess, 7-20 years old, performed.  We…

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Great Ocean Road


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On January 28, Uli and I took a day trip to the Great Ocean Road.  It was a long, beautiful day.  I had never seen a coastline like this.  The limestone cliffs towered over the coast, creating beautiful scenery.  The Twelve Apostles were magnificent.  I didn’t realize how large the formations were.  There aren’t many exciting stories to tell, other than the adorable curious koala who climbed down a tree to investigate our tour, coming very close to us.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking for this one:

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Florida hotel tales: today Loisisnett Garcia Rengel is missing

Another orlando mother is missing today.there was breaking news now. they show her picture so fast, you can’t even see her name. she was walking her children to school.i barely saw her first name and it was gone. it looked like loisisnet .you would think they would show her picture again at  the end of the news.she just went missing today, but nothing.why isn’t there a channel 24/7 that helps find missing and murdered  people and children and without all the acting  and including everyone, not just one person 10 hours straight. …and without all the medical examiner mishegas over and over, asking the ME what happens to the person,every week, every month, every 3 years, and pretending you don’t know the answer you have been asking for years, and asking in front of the deceased parent or child,what purpose does that serve? when i think about all the people who went missing during the two weeks of christmas reruns on an unnamed news network,..if you go missing in december you have even more problems, than going missing, if that’s possible, because weeks are wasted searching for you.

apparently michelle parker’s ex is still running around, with his children and without a care in the world, even though he has been the number 1 and only suspect since november 27.

earlier at an extended stay hotel,  home suite homes, in  orlando, a guest , raymond price stabbed another guest, a woman and slashed her neck. he was searching for her boyfriend, but decided to stab her. it was drug related.

Florida casey anthony hotel tales

it seems as if  many local people have their own stories of casey anthony.this is one of those stories.

a friend said her uncle works at a dr’s office ,in the area and he was helping a patient ,with a leg problem.she and her husband went to jail, because her husband grew marijuana, at their home. she said this lady was in the same jail with casey anthony and casey sent her  30 letters. they all talked about casey using chloroform to kill caylee. the police read these letters and said there was nothing they could do. they couldn’t use these in court, because casey lies.

Florida hotel tales

you can watch the same channels , who brought us casey anthony news,throughout the country,in your  universal hotel room.this week , there were criminals, who were supposed to protect us. i tried to find both stories on google, to see if they were in jail now and found nothing about the firefighter who was in a car accident and decided to slam the victims head into the hood of his car.he had not been fired friday.

then , there was a policeman who beat an older man so badly, they show it over and over again every day. instead of finding out if they fired him and he is in jail ,i find an entire page of other beatings, in the last year.

i guarantee , if i went parachuting today, i would be arrested, because it is apparently illegal for women to go parachuting , in florida, on sunday.

Florida hotel tales

Thay are searching lake bumby here today , in orange county for michelle parker.

i thought i had heard everything yesterday, when they said a lady , who was riding the bus, because someone had stolen her car, saw the thieves driving her car , while on the bus.but, today they have  computer criminals  who are sending locals email, that they were hired as hit men to kill them, but they can stop the hit, by paying off the hit man.what a sweet hit man.

my ducks are going to be very upset taday, when they find out the restaurant had no bread for them.i asked if they had any old bread for the ducks, and they said they were sorry, but once they gave a homeless man food and he got ill and sued, so now they are not allowed to give any food.maybe i can get the ducks to sign a letter saying they will not sue.

the pizza flyer crimanials are back, in full force. every time the poilice come they are scared away for a day.most of them steal your credit card and do not bring any pizza, but some bring terrible pizza , that is not made in a restaurant.those are illegal companies.that’s what the doubletree calls them, but they are not even companies.the hilton has a tv screen that says please do not buy from them, but they don’t tell you they break into rooms and cars and one tried to rape someone..last year , by october, the police caught 150 of them.

maintenance here said to put a towel , under the door and kleenex in the peep hole, so they do not see light coming from the room. that stops nothing… cardboard boxes under the door, just make them try harder . they stand there and shove, shove, shove or they push flyers into the side of the door.

one week , i saw 2 different guys and one knew i saw him, so  he ran into the restroom.two weeks later, the maintenance found flyers inside the wall.

Florida hotel tales

Is michelle parker’s ex fiance another scott peterson, michael peterson or drew peterson? did he not want to pay child support.?

the dcf investigation into her children did not find enough evidence to take the children away from smith , except violence, except domestic violence, except a dishonorable discharge from the marines,,except drugs, except he was the leader of a gang , who murdered a man, for no reason….

when i got here to what is it called- oh yeah- the happiest place on earth.,this young man on the news woke me , talking about

how his brother was murdered by smith’s gang.. smith was the leader and everyone who went to jail all brought up smith’s name, yet he never went to jail at least not for murder,

i keep waiting to hear this story on cnn and haven’t. maybe i missed it.who else was that ,who dcf could not help even though

there was violence by ronald cummings.was it haleigh? i’m not blaming dcf. i’m blaming the laws. they are written for the criminal.smith can’t even control himself in public. he tried to knock the cameraman down on tv, on the news.what does he get. he gets the kids. he doesn’t have to pay child support. and the children lived with michelle’s family.michelle’s poor mother and the poor children…

there is a man in florida, who keeps getting letters from the government telling him, he is dead and this has been going on for a long time.no it isn’t an all in the family episode.how hard is it to prove you are alive? he should just be able to walk into the courtroom and out in one second, but no.i don’t know which will happen first.will smith be in prison or will the man  be able to prove he is alive..