donald trump is nothing but a criminal from way back haiku

in only one crime
stole from 5000 victims
forty million bucks

twenty five percent
ten million was his profit
five after taxes

you have to be bad
for attorney general
to go after you

sued him for forty
then he sues for one hundred
this is his M.O.

i’l get even more
on top of my other crimes
by counter suing

sham for profit school
why isn’t he in prison
students defrauded

call this bait and switch
reason neglected license
knew school illegal

he promised a three day seminar at his fake school , he never showed up: his school had no license.his school is now shut down.. every time he does something bad, he counter sues, for even more..he did this again ,last week. his instructors didn’t even have any real estate knowledge..

listen to this, he stole 36,490.00 from art cohen for this 3 day seminar.only a sociopath can talk you into this, pyramid scheme like crime…now there is a class action lawsuit…again 5000 people gave him money. do you really believe this is his first crime…he must have a thousand attorneys helping him with all of these lawsuits against and for him.

only a charismatic sociopath can separate you from so much money and have people listen to him.
i hate sociopaths and i cannot believe this criminal is allowed on every cable channel all day & night and accuse anyone else in the world of being a criminal!!!

if he isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. he’s the criminal. why are criminals allowed to run for president. personally ,i believe most people elected president are sociopaths ,like george bush or they become one after elected. sociopaths say what you want to hear & then do whatever they please. they don’t care about anybody but themselves & that’s why the market crashed, everyone lost half their money, many lost homes & why we have isis.

obama went to play golf , after the most horrific crime , i cannot even write.i don’t know if it’s because he’s a sociopath or because he was told to look like he doesn’t care for the terrorists sake.

but i do know , the only reason donald trump has any money is because he has been stealing & telling lies his entire life.i know that as well as i know my own name & it’s very painful to watch him get away with this.and of course , he is a racist: at least people see that.

this is my favorite: donald said “he gets along with putin” . trump gets along with a murdering psychopath . think about that. and he is proud of this, and stupid enough to announce this to cnn, like it’s a good get along with him, because you are like him. of course it’s very possible they don’t even know each other and another lie.

trump told anderson cooper ,he gives money to democrat and republican lobbyists to buy favors

“donald trump doesn’t
even believe everything
donald trump says”

(from a talking head, on CNN)
he said this , because donald said mexicans will vote for him. i say , you can watch him make up lies in 1 second during interviews.anyone who has taken their business from him , is wrong & he will sue them or say big deal.
i knew it was peanuts, before he said the money was peanuts.this miserable excuse for a human should be in prison.