what i learned in orlando

1. writing on the sidewalk in chalk is punishable by jail, (timothy osmar june 8th and 10th 2012) but not many other things…

2.if you are a woman ,skydiving on sunday is illegal.

3.the pizza mafia is no farther than a step away from your hotel room door, almost every day.

4.you have to try to always think/ stay one step ahead of sociopaths.if you find a missing child ,call police, don’t take him to the address he gives you (7/26/12).

5. many family vacations were ruined by murder and one electrocution.

6.most of the missing wives and people on HLN are from this area
because that’s where it happens.

7.how to speak russian

8.if you feed an alligator and he takes your hand ,you will go to jail,( wally weatherholt 7/30/12) but people who murder are running around.

9.people like casey anthony are allowed to adopt dogs, but not people like ellie mae clampett if they are not local.

10.people are thrown out of hotel lobbies if they are not a guest,are at starbucks, or they appear not to have money, but they can’t get rid of the pizza flyer criminals.

Universal Orlando Hotel Tales

a very pretty housekeeper ,at the hotel,in her 20’s has a bandage on her face , next to her eye.someone asked her what happened and she said “i was jumped”.we all said oh no!she smiled and said i’m alright,i’m alright.i’m just thankful to be alive”.you know she is very upset and probably every little thing makes her jump.she will not be over this for a long time.you’re shocked, but you don’t know why, because this type of thing happens here every day, much worse.

tuesday morning ,i fell asleep at 6 am: at 9:30 the fire alarm went off…if i had a nickel for every time the fire alarm went off at every hotel i have been at, for the last 9 years…

last night, a pizza flyer criminal came into the hotel through the front door around 9 pm and i don’t know how i knew what he was. maybe because i have seen so many. i actually forgot about him and when i got out of the elevator, he was throwing flyers under the door and he unbelieveably handed one to me and said thank-you and i was in shock again and didn’t know what to do. you want to say thank-you to someone who gives you something but not a criminal .i didn’t know what to do :throw it at him,throw 100  ,on top of his head, let it fall, give him a dirty look, tell him if it was the last pizza on earth, you wouldn’t order one….i did nothing.

Florida Hotel Tales

It seems like friday the 13th, in universal orlando today.oh look another black bear, 30 feet from someone’s front door today.something tells me they should have been taken off the endangered list, quite some time ago.it is not a good day for breathing in universal orlando. first the chef decided to add something new to the pasta- balsamic glaze, and vinegar and i are not friends.then this woman asked if she could pray for me.apparently that means more than a simple prayer.another seminar in town…it involves touching and changing your religion.then , i had an asthma attack , from the smoke on a man’s shirt.so, after a few hours,i realize i need air, so i stop inside burger king and they had just cleaned and when you open the ladies room, chemicals knock your head off, so i went to walgreen’s and they have what looks like toxic black mold in the vent ,on the ceiling, in the ladies room .the pharmacist had already gone home, so he couldn’t ask “what biotoxins have we gotten into today”. and i couldn’t tell him.so, i go back to the hotel and a man was standing in front of the entrance smoking…in front of both entrances. and this is where i started.after he left, i turned the stove on , something was burning, so i quickly turn it off , but that  doesn’t matter. it will stay in the room  for 8 hours, or longer.

i was away ,for only 10 minutes, to find a new burner for the stove, when the  Stefano’s pizza flyer criminals decided to hit. the pizza flyer MAFIA  are still using the same names that they did last week:  1 stefano’s,  3 romanos and 3 genova .

Week of July 4th Pizza Mafia Flyers of Universal Orlando Hotels

These are some of the fake names the pizza flyer mafia is using ,at universal orlando hotels, since tuesday: 3 genova pizza, 3 romano’s pizza, 2 joe’s pizza, 1 bella and 1 stefano’s. and these are just the one’s they got under the door. i stopped some, of them.

At least the mafia isn’t out murdering people.they are just annoying guests , making them ill and stealing their credit cards, breaking into cars and rooms and the occassional attacking a woman.

The Universal Orlando’s Illegal ,Criminal Pizza Flyer Mafia

i’m going to keep writing about this, to warn people, who come to hotels.it isn’t just in orlando.disney warned people not to order , but only because they steal your credit card and charge 100’s or 1000’s of dollars and ruin your vacation.you know what else ruins your vacation: salmonella if they actually send a pizza made by tony soprano in his basement,or big louie breaking into your car or room,or fatz attacking your wife,or the horrible sound of the flyers shoved under your door almost every day for 7 months…..this is new: wednesday and thursday, they started coming later at night, after 11:00 pm.yesterday, at 2 pm ,i noticed a police car outside the room until 11;30 last night. i was hoping there was a pizza flyer mafia sting.this problem was of “epidemic proportions” a year and a half ago, in  usa today and orlando sentinel articles and one representative tried to say it’s part of organized crime.so,the florida mafia is into pizza, car wrecks and pain clinics…

one guy almost ran into me and he was so sweet,i knew something was wrong,so i walked past the room, just like they had shown on the news the day before, when a man was hit in the head at 2 pm in his own driveway and carjacked. they said if something is fishy drive past your house. then i saw him throw flyers down the hall. then , later,i was by the door, when whoosh, so i threw the door open and a young blond and a guy in his fifties were bending over sliding flyers under a door, ( i guess they were new) and he goes “hey how you doin”.

there are websites with the flyer FAKE names, where people complain.everything there is a complaint. they use fake names and fake addresses and recycle the names. they must change phone numbers every few days and they must steal a lot of money.every complaint says the pizza is horrible , disgusting….one man wrote his wife ordered manicotti  and there was crabmeat on top. a lot of people write they call and complain about the taste of the 30.00 pizza and that is the least of their troubles, but  the person who answers always yells at them and never offers to give the money back.imagine that. these are illegal flyers from the past 2 days :Genova pizza, Romanos pizza and Joe’s pizza. domino’s and pizza hut are always okay to order and if a company is legitimate, his flyers will be at the front desk.

no one warns most guests about the dangers.they have signs about car thieves, but don’t say these people are in your halls every night delivering flyers.the universal hilton doubletree has a tv screen that says not to order, because they are not made in the building.big deal , that just sounds like you want people only to order your pizza,which by the way is not very good .

It was a good week for sociopaths

remeber the day casey anthony was on every channel, abc, cbs, nbc, cnn, hln, because someone put her video out and she said she adopted the puppy? the next day Joran Van der Sloat was supposed to confess, but he asked the 3 female judges for another week to think and he got another 5 days

.the same day they were searching for Jenniffer Kesse, by the outlets after she had been missing 5 years…they did not find her.a week earlier , i found a credit card in the street that said jennifer and i had just been thinking about her and i found out she was from here…again i wondered why i came here and if i would live to go back to arlington.

and then almost every night, the pizza flyer criminals are shoving flyers under the door from 5- 9 pm…you hear kee, keeck, ceech, keeck….3;45 am, in the middle of the night, someone is banging on the door.. i dial 0 – the front desk- and he says – it is me..i am at your door.i didn’t have time to think how he could be at the desk and the door…he and 2 police officers are standing there and did you know it was a crime to have your light on at 4 am? he said the entire hotel smells like weed and your light was on. he kept saying the word “weed”.

i thought he was the one smoking marijuana.he looked like a hippie. he told the police it was not coming from this room.i was doubled over , trying to keep my heart inside my chest and not going to the hospital again. he scared me half to death.the manager apologized 2 days later and said that was never going to happen again and he had a long talk with that guy.

Florida hotel tales

it’s sunday and i am waiting to see if anything happens.every sunday there is some type of crime right here.three weeks ago,a 22 year old girl visiting, for 2 days from china ,ran into this hotel crying..someone grabbed her i phone out of her hand in  the burger king parking lot…

two weeks ago,the waiter said he was at the outlets and 3 shots were fired and 2 girls from brazil ran outside and he told them to get in his car, where they waited for the police.

last sunday this man was unloading his car and he left a 12 pack of beer on the bench for a minute and it was stolen.

this dr. just told me the pizza flyer criminals were standing at an entrance to the hotel a few days ago, waiting for some-one, with a key, to let them  inside and her son  did.she told him not to do that again but, nothing has happened yet today.the manager was just telling me how  some of the pizza flyer criminals are just out of jail and make about 10.00 an hour. i was just thinking about the owners trying to find people to do this for them….how you find people to do illegal things, and i remeber all of the people at the old court tv ,who post links to people arrested .if you just take people on the bail merry go round, in the haleigh cummings case alone you have ronald cummings, his sister, her boyfriend, all of the girls ron dated, their mothers,the babysitter/stepmother/x wife, misty croslin cummings croslin, her mother and father, her brothers…… i think i counted 26 people who knew haleigh…

if the pizza flyer owner just hired these people, he would be set for the year…maybe they should stop posting the names and pictures of people arrested.