what i learned in orlando

1. writing on the sidewalk in chalk is punishable by jail, (timothy osmar june 8th and 10th 2012) but not many other things…

2.if you are a woman ,skydiving on sunday is illegal.

3.the pizza mafia is no farther than a step away from your hotel room door, almost every day.

4.you have to try to always think/ stay one step ahead of sociopaths.if you find a missing child ,call police, don’t take him to the address he gives you (7/26/12).

5. many family vacations were ruined by murder and one electrocution.

6.most of the missing wives and people on HLN are from this area
because that’s where it happens.

7.how to speak russian

8.if you feed an alligator and he takes your hand ,you will go to jail,( wally weatherholt 7/30/12) but people who murder are running around.

9.people like casey anthony are allowed to adopt dogs, but not people like ellie mae clampett if they are not local.

10.people are thrown out of hotel lobbies if they are not a guest,are at starbucks, or they appear not to have money, but they can’t get rid of the pizza flyer criminals.

Florida Hotel Tales

It seems like friday the 13th, in universal orlando today.oh look another black bear, 30 feet from someone’s front door today.something tells me they should have been taken off the endangered list, quite some time ago.it is not a good day for breathing in universal orlando. first the chef decided to add something new to the pasta- balsamic glaze, and vinegar and i are not friends.then this woman asked if she could pray for me.apparently that means more than a simple prayer.another seminar in town…it involves touching and changing your religion.then , i had an asthma attack , from the smoke on a man’s shirt.so, after a few hours,i realize i need air, so i stop inside burger king and they had just cleaned and when you open the ladies room, chemicals knock your head off, so i went to walgreen’s and they have what looks like toxic black mold in the vent ,on the ceiling, in the ladies room .the pharmacist had already gone home, so he couldn’t ask “what biotoxins have we gotten into today”. and i couldn’t tell him.so, i go back to the hotel and a man was standing in front of the entrance smoking…in front of both entrances. and this is where i started.after he left, i turned the stove on , something was burning, so i quickly turn it off , but that  doesn’t matter. it will stay in the room  for 8 hours, or longer.

i was away ,for only 10 minutes, to find a new burner for the stove, when the  Stefano’s pizza flyer criminals decided to hit. the pizza flyer MAFIA  are still using the same names that they did last week:  1 stefano’s,  3 romanos and 3 genova .

Terry Guerrier: Witnesses haven’t come forward

Why haven’t witnesses come forward ,in the murder , from march the 4th , of terry guerrier . people witnessed the shooting. people witnessed the fight. are they afraid ? did these same people murder his friends , christmas? his family  and children need answers . they are heartbroken. there was a brief sentence on the news thursday night…something about police giving out flyers from 2-6 pm sunday, somewhere? i cannot find anything anywhere about this? all i see are stories about what time this horrible death happened and you wonder , who to believe, who is told the truth.one station says 2;30 another 3 am. i know it was before 2:30, because terry was literally dropped off at the hospital about 2:30 am.

what is going on with these clubs in orlando and the  guns and all of the shootings and murders? maybe if you sue the clubs in civil court, you will get answers .

Universal Orlando Hotel Tales

One day in december, a manager at the restaurant said one day you will own the company.his joke is starting to come true. today,after  lunch , my server gave me a salad to take home , breadsticks for my ducks and a 10.00 gift card.she is so sweet and always gives me things. i don’t think there is a manager there or server, who hasn’t.about a month ago, melissa waited on me. then 2 weeks later she said would you like a diet coke, water, broccoli soup and a house salad with ranch dressing on the side.how could she possibly know that. they are magicians.today, she said she was going to grab me next time, i come in the door , because she never gets me. 

at another restaurant, a woman touches the shade with her finger and i said uhoh and sent gerard a note in the kitchen, that he should dust the shade, before the health inspector comes back.he said tonight. every time he sees me he starts singing errin songs. last week  it was if you knew errin like i knew errin. then he asked geraldine at the salad bar, if she knew errin and she said i don’t want to know errin,like you know errin.everyone’s a comeddiene.later , water started pouring  from the ceiling and i was the only one who noticed… pointing like an irish setter for a few minutes, before anyone looked up and then they ran in the kitchen to get the general manager. it’s a good thing no one was sitting at that table.

the mother of indiana jones took her puppy to the beach, in sarasota, for the week-end ,so he could see the ocean for the first time. another family  checked in and left their dog in the room, to bark for 3 hours nonstop., while everyone complains.they were out enjoying dinner , when the hotel called and didn’t bother to come back.

Universal Orlando Hotel Tales

The elevator door opened around 6 pm, in the lobby and no one was there. in the middle of the floor,sitting still ,it appeared to be a tarantula.the doors closed.what in the world, so i pushed the button and he came back, but he wasn’t a tarantula, he was human hair,in the shape of  a  large spider.i could not quit laughing.someone pushed the button and he came back and they got on the elevator and made a face, but said nothing. a minute later someone else pushed the button and he and his little boy , also looked but rode with the tarantula.then another man got on and kicked the hair to the corner.i’m still laughing.finally, i pushed him out the door and the manager took him away.

three hours later , i walked down the hall to go fax something in the lobby and there was a frog sitting in front of the elevator waiting to go to the lobby.someone isplaying tricks again and they shaped the hair into a frog.how did he even leave the manager and i couldn’t quit crying to ask her how he went back upstairs.

last night a man and a woman and her father and 3 children checked in and they were going to get married last night.he was upset because he had to walk to the pool, even though he has a pool in his home.also, the groom asked if they could just leave the children here forever. then she out of nowhere, tells the children that i was an opera singer and i laughed and shook my head no. so she all of a sudden started speaking like she was from new jersey. “you gonna ahgu wit me”.” she’s gonna argu wit me”.these are all hotel faxing tales.

Week of July 4th Pizza Mafia Flyers of Universal Orlando Hotels

These are some of the fake names the pizza flyer mafia is using ,at universal orlando hotels, since tuesday: 3 genova pizza, 3 romano’s pizza, 2 joe’s pizza, 1 bella and 1 stefano’s. and these are just the one’s they got under the door. i stopped some, of them.

At least the mafia isn’t out murdering people.they are just annoying guests , making them ill and stealing their credit cards, breaking into cars and rooms and the occassional attacking a woman.

Dino Cannon murdered at club limelite

Dino Cannon and his family were in orlando celebrating his high school graduation and now he is dead.they have been begging for someone to say what happened. someone did , because police have been looking for Durick Ingraham, 24. last night durick turned himself in to authorities.they believe he waited in the parking lot and shot Dino , as he walked outside.

there are a lot of violent crimes at orlando clubs, a lot of fights.at least  three recently.march 4th, Terry Guerrier was murdered in his BMW after leaving  club LAX, where there was an altercation with another production company.i was in the hospital at 2;30 AM, when people dropped his body off , outside my room, near the door and people were screaming and there was an announcement to lock down the hospital: no one in or out. i didn’t know what happened until 5 am . you can’t believe what you hear on the news, even when you watch 5 networks , unless you are there and then you still might not really know.

 around june 5 , emily cox and two women were arguing  at orlando’s nightclub Roxy and were thrown out… emily, then tried to kill a policeman by running over officer Ramos, with her car.luckily he is still alive. she did run over him and   he also shot her.she was expected to live.

there appears to be absolutely no concern or care about human life.i don’t even know if it has anything to do with drinking, but it looks like whoever is thrown out for fighting is probably going to kill someone.however in the terry guerrier case, some of his associates were murdered christmas. dpes this have anything to do with the same people arguing with him, at the club, the police will figure out and probably have…when they arrest you, i will be happy..

Universal Orlando Silly Hotel Tales

when mr. and mrs. mallard come back from las  vegas, i hope they bring me a t shirt and belgian waffles.there is what looks like a rooster and a gray duck, who had four baby ducks, two are gray and two look , also,  like roosters.they have that red beard like the cartoon and walk around on the grass.i don’t think it’s possible, but that’s what they appear to be.

yesterday, someone asked if i had a lighter. i am the last person on earth, who would have a lighter. today, someone asked if they could borrow my cell phone. they probably could have asked anyone else here and they would have had a cell phone.

mindy was waiting for her husband to pick her up from a long day of cleaning  and she told me she had 8 children, 7 live with her and 4 grandchildren. six months ago, habitat for humanity built her a house , in orlando. there is a fire alarm, that talks to her a lot. it says there is a fire, sometimes and wakes her up, but thank goodness there is no fire.

aciidentally, i found out who was homeless, the other day and needed a hotel room.maybe the fbi should hire me, because i am always in the wrong place, at the wrong time, or the right time.i had a cab driver in s.c. who  said we should work for the cia. no one would ever know.he used to call me miss daisy.he was in the movie, three men and a baby.once , don johnson came to charleston to make a movie and mr. e did not get along , with him, so in the end he gave don johnson his card and fifty cents and said , “next time you need a cab, don’t call this number”.

Florida Hotal Tales

tuesday, 4;45 pm, i tried to ask joely to send a 12 page fax.. one of the pages  from 3 different departments of the IRS was stuck in the machine, so i asked joely if she could hand feed each page.that that is how amie and caylee do this. she ignored me….then, it seemed like millions of people checked in and i waited to tell her, that she sent 4 pages and then she apparently knew something was wrong and sent 6 pages… one couple checked in, went to the room with luggage , left and came back from chick fil a and the grocery store and i was still waiting to send the fax… when i showed her the confirmations, she said it said ok…yes for 6 pages or 4 pages, but there are 12 pages…she said oh , so it didn’t send 2.i asked her which 2?there was no answer. but before this happened. everyone had left. it was my turn and only 6;30 pm this only took 1 hour and 45 minutes.i stood up to get help and this man was stuck in the door with the luggage cart. i knew if i helped him, she was going to leave, b/c that’s what she does best, but i helped the man  for one minute and she left, so i rang the bell. she was sitting behind the corner again and said just one minute. that’s when the oh, so only 2 pages are missing exchange happened.

this man sat down next to me and told me about fishing in atlanta, after an hour ,i realized he was the man who worked with the 2 guys from n.c., who had seen the universal orlando alligator last week.monday night ,the mother of a cute little dog named indiana jones said a woman and child were waiting all day to get a hotel room, when one of these fisherman from n.c. paid for the room and told the manager, not to give him credit. it was very kind.if i didn’t have so much troulble with joely faxing , i wouldn’t know these things.

yesterday at noon, i woke up and there was an obstruction in the window or i was having a nightmare. the word PURGE was outside my window, so i got up and it was a two story sign,on a truck,with a picture of mitt romney and the governor not affiliated with any political party and a man hammering, who woke me. amie told me this man had been thrown out of disney, b/c of this sign and they gave him a trespassing citation. he cannot return to disney for a year.someone was probably shooting someone in broad daylight , as usual here and instead of finding the killer, they are doing stupid things like this.

today, this lady who looked like mrs. obama , with a baseball cap,came out of the ladies room, and looked like she had just scrubbed for surgery or her nails were wet and she said “just doing the not touching the door thing” and we laughed.then my favorite person who just became a universal restaurant manager and  my best friend zaria sat down at my table and laughed at me, b/c there was a big sign sunday that said bring the manager back and they knew i had written this on the restaurant survey. they brought her back sunday, so it had nothing to do with me, but they fought it was funny.

Universal Orlando planes

there is a plane flying back and forth over universal hotels pulling a sign that says: warning homophobes lose in orlando protect your children. that’s what i thought it said . the orlando sentinel says in a story today that 3 different groups will be paying planes for these signs this weekend.it also said one group is trying to raise 1200.00 for a sign that says warning homophobes loose in orlando, hide your kids.whatever the signs say, children will stop to ask their parents, what the sign means.it isn’t your parents myrtle beach anymore. i remember when they advertised things like coppertone or which restaurants to eat at ,on the beach ,at myrtle beach.