4/17 /12 Universal Orlando helicopters hovering

they are always flying outside, but since they were hovering,i thought they had found jennifer kessee or michelle parker.breaking news at 4 pm wesh ; they found “the bones of a man.” in the woods a few hours ago and they are saying “they do not suspect foul play”. excuse me , how do you not?…he was in the woods.

the 48 year old man who was shot in the chest,through his car windshield, on I 4  is samuel adams from Sanford.this poor man was going home after ” he had just visited his dying sister” at the hospital ,according to local 6.last night he was in critical condition, fox says he is still in critical condition. .the burning bodies have now been identified as  2 males. dozens of children stayed home from school today , because of a threat. last week, it seems about  350 stayed home from another school. 4/29/08  at deland middle school  a teen threatened a shooting spree, 10/08/09  another shooting threat and 11/23/11 in altamonte spring’s lake brantley high school,  also by one frightening walking talking, comfortable in a court chair- sociopath -emanuel costas….this is the time of year for these types of shootings 4/19: ruby ridge, waco, the columbine massacre…

i can hear nancy grace now: last night mallory mims. filled out a job application at a local bar , then sat down and had 3 tequilla shots. someone told the manager she had left her 5 year old alone in the car with the windows rolled up.she went behind the bar to get her keys back from the bartender.the police were then called.she denied the little boy was her son.her neighbors are , of course shocked.

kiwanis island park has now reopened, but be on the look out for mishuginah raccoons. the other day someone was bitten. then a little girl and her grandmother were attacked, and are now undergoing rabies treatment.. that’s when they decided to close and catch the  raccoons.

Universal Orlando area holiday week-end crime

like there isn’t enough local crime, tourists are now committing crimes.a 14 year old ,from georgia, attempted to sexually assault a maid at his international drive hotel.he was charged with battery, attempted sexual battery and false imprisonment, according to the orlando sentinel.

then at universal’s citywalk, movie theatre workers found an *Unconscious*   woman on  an ac unit  and a half dressed Joshua Gilliard behind the theatre , who said it was consensual.he pretended to be a pro golfer and bought the woman and her friend drinks and danced.he thinks  he’s a little bit tiger woods and a lot  joran van der sloot.

while all of this is going on, and not knowing,  if your hotel room faces universal, you can watch fireworks.some nights they start at 10;45 and others 9;45. i don’t know how long this has been going on, i just noticed a few days ago, when i heard bang, bang bang and  had just seen a man talking about hearing bang seven times and knowing what kind of gun someone had been murdered with, because he said “it happens all the time”in his neighborhood.maybe this neighborhood would be a good location for a brand new prison.actually every neighborhood here should have it’s own prison, one for the murderers with guns, one for the new breed of hammer murderers, one for the pizza flyer mafia, one for all the husbands who kill their wives and one for all the women who seem to bury their husband in the herb garden,one for all the teens murdering and another   for the teen rapists, one for the teen animal killers arrested today, one the sociopaths who starve their children and put them in cages,  and many for the pedophiles …………………..a new yorker, once said , i’ve never seen anything like it ,you have a church on every corner in the s.c. foothills.orlando should have a prison on every corner.

Are we ever more than 500 feet from crime/ Universal Orlando

saturday night a tourist found a man in his car,manuel ceballos, 21 years old.he tackled ceballos to the ground , and waited for police. a car came by and asked the wife of the tourist for the black bag ceballos had.

inside this bag , police find 6 credit cards stollen at universal in 6 seperate incidents.i am looking at this parking garage just outside the hotel window.

even worse, every day you hear of terrible car accidents, where people die.people are always going the wrong way and drunk, but some involve cars landing on the roads below the road , on which they were traveling .you can’t possibly live, if that happens.i thought that only happened in nightmares or horror movies.today they decided to change a ramp to the opposite side of the road where it had always been and i thought that will cause even more accidents.walgreens has a one waystreet.two cars passed me one day  going the wrong way when i went into walgreens and two more going the wrong way, when i came out of walgreens.

earlier today, a 3 year old, Gabriel Jones, was killed in a 3 car accident.last tuesday, Brandon Lee Bradley crashed into a ditch after he murdered Deputy Barbara Pill a beloved police officer, for 3 decades, wife,mother of 2 officers and mother in law of crime scene technician….the crash allowed police to capture him and his girlfriend Kerchner.Bradley had stolen funiture from a hotel. he had 4 warrants for his arrest , but he used his brother’s ID to get out of jail. he  should  never have been walking the streets.

universal orlando/are we ever more than 500 feet from crime/ Terry Guerrier

there is an expression , you are never more than 5 feet from a spider. i am wondering if we are ever more than 500 feet from a crime here in orlando.march 4  around  2;30 am Terry Guerrier, 26 was murdered , shot in his car by universal and international blvd.one gunshot went into the best western lobby.

had i been in my hotel ,i would have been 500 feet from flying bullets, but i was in the hospital.i just signed a form and the nurse said she was going to get a wheelchair.as soon as she closed the door everyone started screaming lock down the hospital, no one goes in or out.this just happened on general hospital, when robin scorpio was apparently blown up in the hospital lab. i didn’t think that was happening.second thought was someone wanted to steal drugs.at 3;30 the nurse came back and said someone was ill.wait this is a hospital, everyone is ill.at 5 am the news came on and they said someone dropped off a dead body at dr. phillips hospital at 2;30 am and the hospital was locked down.

Before Terry Guerrier was murdered 3/4/12, two of his friends,Oliza and Dorceus were murdered on christmas ,in 2 different places.four people have been arrested, but no one has been arrested for killing Terry Guerrier yet. the police need the help of the public. there was an altercation earlier that night at club LAX between Terry’s production company  and  another production company.