And a snake

mr. and mrs. mallard brought a mother and her 3 adorable teeny,baby ducks, to eat bread. the adults now think they are dogs or baseball players. they sit and try to catch the bread and when they miss, they bat the bread with their beaks.

also today a tourist from germany was bitten by a shark, in vero beach and she is in serious condition.the life guard said he thinks it’s a freak accident. why do they have red flags to close the beach , because of sharks? that reminds me of the movie broken arrow.

may 4th, in largo fla, a man was driving while intoxicated with his monkey, a wild monkey that he shouldn’t have and he had a suspended license.

yesterday on I 95 , there is film of a woman  driving a motorcycle 70 mph , with her monkey holding onto her back.apparently that is legal, even though the monkey had no helmet or seat belt, considered property….

in tallahassee, a wild panther kitten , of which there are 100- 170 in florida was hurt in a car accident and will eventually receive rehab at the tampa zoo.

orangutans in miami are learning how to use ipads. soon they will be able to tell their waitresses , what they want for lunch by pressing pictures of bananas or many other choices

and then there was a snake making s’s in the middle of the road.that’s when you realize, it’s time to go home.