Children Destroyed by Hamas

and how do you
decide which child to hang
to protect your mass weapons

inanimate objects
with souls of small children
taken from parents

murder the mother?
how else would you take their child
hurt them physically?

stop their screaming?
their cries do not bother you
heartless evil creatures

destroy everyone
generations of evil
mentally tortured

you erased
everything humankind has learned
protecting children

what was done to you
that you would do this to them
look forward to death

how many children
did you not only murder
but blame Israel

photograph page before this

fun In al fresco shower


while christians on mount sinjar
have nothing to drink
no drops of water

gallons were wasted
flowing from pier to cactus
don’t need hydration

seven outdoor pools
an ocean in front of you
child plays in shower

toddler turns nozzle
mother and father watching
flows twenty minutes

we left two thousand
someone else says five thousand
one is too many

probably weakest
those who need the most help
and who will help them now


medley of saltwater after the musical

“one love one heart
let’s get together and feel alright
somebody sing”

“you are the best thing
that ever happened to me
want to talk to you”

“it’s not unusual”
to be sad by anyone
to see me cry

may you be tortured
every second of your life
mentally ISIL

may you forever sleep
in the city that never sleeps
by our hand

“i’m coming up
i want to let you know”
america is ready

evil will be dead
you will not destroy N Y
it will destroy you

“clap along if you feel
happiness is the truth”
you’ll receive justice

Foley and Sotloff
murders before mount sinjar
every christian soul

Sotloff was jewish
was afraid to see if true
knew they would murder

after evil ones
found his friend had deleted
religion online

so the unislamic state
would not find out they had
a jewish man

automatic death
he celebrated holidays
under torment

no one saved him
or Foley or all the Christians
evil always wins



on 9/24 the U N security council stated “the unislamic not a state”. i wish i had thought of that , now i should go back & change all the poems , i haven’t published. i’ve been saying the unislamic state. but, then wouldn’t we have to go back & change every country in the world.

Florida hotel tales

A grandaughter was talking about how her grandfather from orlando was a prisoner of war in vietnam for 7 horrible years.the only way her grandmother knew he was alive was , because she saw a picture of him sitting at an organ.they took  happy pictures,to make it look like they were treating the prisoners nicely. you get chills, just listening.he missed seeing his children grow up.

I didn’t  tell her my uncle was a lt. col. in laos , and  years later we found out he had been in the cia.only their sons lived , with them in laos and my cousin , started a fight with her brother a few years ago. she was upset because her brother had a pony and she didn’ her sixties she is still very upset. he laughed and said you were  safe in  columbia, s.c. and i was dodging land mines.she did not think that justified a pony.

a friend of mine drove me  from charleston to greenville,for my  aunt’s unveiling . and when we arrived, he saw my uncle and he said he knew him from danang.he is over 30 years younger and he was with an african american group of soldiers.

everyone who was with my friend become very ill over there.they believe from agant orange. he had a heart transplant

 over 10 years ago and now he has early alzheimers.he is a disabled veteran and volunteered at the va hospital every day. it is very sad.

 the citadel had , i think ,a 60th reunion and my uncle and  general westmoreland were in the same class and alive to go.i had just heard general westmoreland in charleston at a brunch and didn’t know until the reunion.