Zimmerman and Trevon misreporting and not reporting

on march 21, i wrote about hearing on wftv someone had cleaned up the tapes to make clear what zimmerman said in the 911 call and he reported he used the word PUNKS.two weeks later hln is now saying this and reporting  he may have said punks.i never saw any other local channels trying to clean up the audio.do you know how many people were on  lets just  use hln screaming about zimmerman bing a racist, for hours a day. i wonder how many crimes have taken place because of this and will continue .i certainly have no idea what zimmerman said but i have seen the atlanta panthers propose a bounty to capture zimmerman and weeks and weeks of reverend sharpton and jackson screaming racist.i have seen people call these men racist.

jackson, from greenville ,s.c. is calling a letter ,at wftv, that describes zimmerman handing out flyers at an african american church about a white police officer’s son in sanford, 2 years ago, who beat a defenseless african american homeless man and calling for justice , because they didn’t charge the sociopath at the time, “propoganda trying to divide the community along racial lines”.excuse me for choking, but is that  not what sharpton and jackson are doing?

if the news  had reported everything when it happened , would people be running around with hammers beatling others, in the head, would spike lee have sent out the address he thought was zimmerman’s, would the 70 year old couple be driven from their home, getting death threats, would zimmerman’s father be getting death threats, would jackson or sharpton be screaming on tv all night?

in another late report: last wednesday afternoony, 9 days ago, i believe i saw a clear tape of the back of zimmerman’s head, on wesh news that showed a large red line. then at 4;30, they didn’t show this. neither did the other  local stations or cnn.hln had many people screaming there was nothing there.the next day no one showed this tape. many days later hln finally showed this tape and JVM said it might just be a bald spot.